MUOOR Bears 2 Captain’s Report

(on behalf of Kieran)

Game 1 – UBU.
First game against the first seeds. We acknowledged that this game was a lost cause but decided take the most from it we could. We went into this game with the mindset of settling into the tournament and removing any jitters. This went really well, our arrowhead was forcing them to swing the disc and our offence was starting to link up. They obviously out-classed us and were able to put away their opportunities with conviction.

Loss – Final score 12-2

Game 2 – Aye Aye 2
Came in to this game with a solid determination after the UBU game. Our arrowhead shut them down completely and we went for the ever solid tactic of territory. This meant that due to some brilliant hard D we were able to trap them on their endzone line many times and force the turn. We also came out with some man D with the aim of stopping any unders as they didn’t have anything long. This really shut them down well forcing many turns (once we started working hard on our man D!!) A comfortable win that was well deserved.

Win – Final score 13-1

Game 3 – Aye Aye 1
This game was to be our first real test of how we were going to do in regionals overall. Aye Aye 1 have always been a top 8 team and were set on making a bid for nationals this year. We came out determined to take the fight to them and to show that we were a very solid team. It was a very well contested game. We put up an arrowhead zone, however a lack of wind and consistent handling meant that they were able to break it, not without a bit of a struggle though. This game had many turns and was very well fought by both sides. However Aye Aye 1 were that bit more consistent and took their chances when they had them.

Loss – Final score – 7-3

Game 4 – Cambridge 3
This game was straight after the Aye Aye 1 game and we took the same intensity into this game. We were a much more physical team than Cambridge 3 but they had decent handlers. So we had to stay on top of our man D and work hard to cut out all the options. This meant that we were able to take control in this game and take our opportunities. Cambridge 3 were relaxed team and a really amicable atmosphere emerged from both sides. The game became famed for the “if they sing Hey Jude once more…” quote. This game allowed us to get some flowing offence going and we worked really well at our man D.

Win – final score 12-1

Game 5 – NTU
Tom Barkley vs Hamza. The showdown everyone had been waiting for. We went into this game well aware of the ex-Bear’s players ability. We had talked about poach plays preventing the unders and the deeps. However for the first point we went out solid man. And what a point it was, about 10/15 mins of turns. No team managed more than two passes in a row. Bears mainly because they had decided to play their go-to-tactic of huck and D. NTU also went for the huck it to Tom and D tactic – however Hamza was all over it!! He shut Tom down incredibly well. I believe Bears scored the first point. After this point NTU switched to make Tom handle which was fine because we were all over them on man D and Hamza’s ‘afro’rcing prevented Tom being able to get much away. Rory Hug(e)hes also had a great handling game. The buzzer went at Bears 4-2 up. Which shows just how long the points were.

Win – final score 4-3!

At the end of the first day Bears had gained seed after a brilliant day of convincingly beating a third and a second team, of beating a first team in a brilliant battle and taking the fight to but ultimately losing to two teams that would finish in the top 7.

Seed at the end of day 1 = 10th!

Day 2

Game 1 – Oxford 1 – 7vs10
We went into this game with an attitude to give it our all and to try and give a first team a fright. I believe we managed this. OW1 came to the game prepared and ready to give it their all as well. I don’t remember any of the game. So….

Loss – 9-1

Game 2 – Oxford 2 – 10vs11
Having just lost to Oxford 1 we came out with some determination to continue to prove we were the best second team. In this game the wind had really picked up and so huck and D really was our best strategy. With our zone being able to really shut teams down, we kept OW2 shut in their half and forcing the turns on their end zone. This was shown by Rory getting a Callahan, us forcing them to the back of their endzone and many endzone Isos being called and scored. This was the game where we developed two lines, not offence and defence but alternate points. This allowed the two units to work well together and to develop working in their positions. A really solid game, with OW2 being forced to handle the disc which they did well but the wind and our zone made it too hard for them. A comfortable win.

Win – 13-2

Game 3 – Cambridge 2 – 9vs10
Cambridge 3 vs Bears 3, Bears 3 win. Cambridge 1 vs Bears 1, Bears 1 win. The pressure was on to get a Cambridge clean sweep. The pressure was also on to prove that we were the best second team at regionals. It was a very close game with the wind and zones playing a big factor. The game went to sudden death and it was a superb point with brilliant handling by Rory Hughes and a layout score by Ed the Fresher to win the game. It was a very close game and a couple of drops either way could have made all the difference – but we didn’t drop it and we won and we were the best second team at regionals!!!

Win – 7-6

In total 3L – 5W, finished in 9th place, a superb performance by everyone involved and an incredible result especially considering the number of frisbee Freshers on the team.

Team: Kieran Rawal (C), Matt Kirk (VC), Rory Hughes, Hamza Alawiye, Sam Carter, Tan Ken Wei, Edward Vinnicombe, Win Chirayus, Cam Humphreys, James McCormick, Adam Carver, Peter Weightman, James Lawton

Nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah, BEARS TWOOOOO!!!!!

Rory Hughes

President '13/'14 Pubs and Comms '12/'13

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