Links to the best online magazines and blogs exploring the world of Ultimate

The Holy Grail Of Online Ultimate Resources

BRITDISC- This is like the BBC News of UK Ultimate, when people have information about anything to do with Ultimate they post it on Britdisc and then subscribers receive these posts in a single daily digest (at midday). Ask any experienced player, if they know what’s what they will be on Britdisc. Can’t hurt to join and it’s hard to explain exactly how useful you’re likely to find it. SO JOIN, then continue reading the article.



Get Horizontal– European magazine. Includes some interesting articles and often provides excellent coverage of big European tournaments such as EUCF, Windmill Windup and Tom’s Tourney.

Skyd Magazine-US magazine. Includes a nice mix of question and answer posts, technical analysis and comments on the elite college, club and pro competitions.

Ultiworld– US magazine. Has excellent coverage of the college scene. Also often includes interesting articles on tactics and development from elite level coaches including GB coach Sion Scone.


The ShowGame– Good blog for keeping up with Ultimate in the UK. Includes previews and reviews of club and university tournaments. Also includes occasional insight and analysis from some of the best players in the UK.

High Release– Focuses on various areas of the game, from the technical to the financial. Has already played host to star names such as Tim Morrill, Alex Snyder and Anna Nazarov.

The Huddle– If High Release is  PokemonFireRed then this is classic Yellow. Older doesn’t mean any worse, and content wise they’re more or less the same.

Understanding Ultimate– Blog written by St Andrews University Coach Benji Heywood. A mixture of technical and coaching advice as well as discussion on Spirit Of The Game.

Nice Bristols– Tumblr blog chronicling Nice Bristol, the 2nd best Womens club team in the UK and their preparation for worlds in August

This is just the tip of the iceberg on Ultimate sites across the web BUT this blog is much duller to write than the next one I have planned so I’ll leave you to comment your favourites below.

(p.s. if you don’t have an account yet, get one. You’re going to need it in the next couple of weeks.)

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