Club History

Hopefully this page will have more content in the future, but for now here are some fun pieces of club history which were all collected by the amazing members of our Alumni Facebook Group. If you have any updated information or cool things to add to this page, please let us know (the best way to do so is to post it to the aforementioned Facebook group).

Pictures of Warwick Bears at the European Championships in 1979(?)

Won the whole thing and were crowned European Champions!

Some interesting facts about Windoors

Footage from Windoors '89

A fun picture from the club's 25th anniversary dinner

A few past presidents and captains

1979/80 Capt. Toby Green // W. Capt. Penny Dane
1980/81 Capt. Pete Hetherington // W. Capt. Caroline Shaw (?) // Pres. Paul Macer-Wright
1981/82 Capt. Graeme Duckworth? // Pres. Derek Robins
1982/83 Capt. Phil Tattersall?
1983/84 Capt. Jim Edwards // Pres. Sam Neilsen
1984/85 Capt. Tony Wakeford // Pres. Alan Groucott (?)
1985/86 Capt. Tim Fox // Pres. Paul Hurt
1997/98 Capt. Jim Ayrton // Pres. Satvik Chotai
1998/99 Capt. Mike Saxton // Pres. Mike Clements
1999/00 Capt. Mark Challis // Pres. Sarah Kirwan
2000/01 Capt. Ali Darren
2001/02 Capt. Taz AlRasheed // Pres. Mike Dodd
2002/03 Capt. James “Troy” McClure // Pres. Tim Capel
2003/04 Capt. Joel Woods // Pres. Ben Harris
2004/05 Capt. Dave Marshall // Pres. James Walker
2005/06 Capt. David Stobbs // Pres. Nick Hudgell
2006/07 Capt. Dan Masoliver // W. Capt. Roses Keal // Pres. Gemma Sargeant
2007/08 Capt. Terry Conquest // W. Capt. Gemma Watkins // Pres. Ryan John
2008/09 Capt. Dave Tyler // W. Capt. Lauren Tyler // Pres. Dave Gill
2009/10 Capt. Simon Smiley // W. Capt. Lizi Blackburn // Pres. Adam Maxwell
2010/11 Capt. James Freeman // W. Capt. Hayley Summers // Pres. Hayden Cole
2011/12 Capt. Joe Thompson // W. Capt. Rebecca Hale // Pres. Mark Jones
2012/13 Capt. Robbie Tink // W. Capt. Ronja Wöestheinrich // Pres. Rebecca Hale
2013/14 Capt. Samuel Hawkins // Pres. Rory Hughes
2014/15 Capt. Jack Skipper // W. Capt. Kat Rantanen // Pres. Hamza Alawiye
2015/16 Capt. Romit Patel // Pres. Peter Weightman
2016/17 Capt. George Siddens // W. Capt. Leia Turner // Pres. Cathy Hensman
2017/18 Capt. Willem Garnier // W. Capt. Ellen Daly // Pres. Will Bolton

For more recent years, the full execs are listed here.

Bears who went on to be internationally capped in Ultimate (for Great Britain unless specified)

Richard Hicks
Bud Tilton
Toby Green
Derek Robins
Graeme Duckworth
Tim Sparks
Dave Sykes
John Domingue
Sam Neilson
Jim Edwards
Marian Major
Jill Marsh
Cara O’Donnell (Davenport)
Ivan Bromage
Tony Wakeford
Tony Boud
Tim Fox
Sue Underwood
Dave Bluck
Miles Kelvin
Ian Stebbing
Dave Hardisty
Rowan Thornewill (sp?)
Ged Boydell
Greg Cawood
Steve Nixon
Wayne Davey
Jackie Potter
Harry Golby
Danny Baker
Guy Bowles
Mark Perryman
Steve Shipley
Andrew Hillman
David Stobbs
Joe Thompson
James Freeman
Matt Ford
Tom Abrams

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