Code of Conduct

Warwick Sport does not condone any activities outside the remit of this Code of Conduct and encourages individuals, in the interests of their personal safety, not to participate in activities not covered by this document.


  • Members must disclose to Lara Nash any medical condition that may affect any first aid situation should it arise
  • Members should not eat or drink large quantities at least 1 hour prior to training or participating (where applicable)
  • Members are required to abide by the rules and regulations set down by the Department of Physical Education and Sport when using University facilities
  • Members must respect the decisions of those with authority including captains, coaches and exec members where appropriate.
  • Members must not engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.
  • Members must not engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment and must speak to team-mates, the opposition and the coach/captain with respect, remembering that we all make mistakes.
  • Any issues which arise must be taken to the captain or president as appropriate and will be handled seriously and acted upon appropriately and promptly in a civil and polite manner.
  • Members must pay any debts due to the club in a timely manner.

Training and Competition

  • Listen to instruction by club captain and follow the instructions carefully to reduce risk of injury.
  • Club captains should be aware of hazards as highlighted in the risk assessment.
  • Members are required to adhere to the laws of the game as set out by WFDF
  • Members must promote fair play and the spirit of the game


  • UK Ultimate. For information email:
  • Basic membership to UK Ultimate allows players to play in University regional competitions, and includes civil liability insurance for playing ultimate ( )
  • Full membership also allows players to play University nationals and any major UKU event e.g. UKU Tour.

National Governing Body Code of Practice


  • Club sessions will be run by Daniel Wilson, Jasmine Brian-Boys and Neil McCulloch.
  • All members must follow the instructions of the coach during training sessions.


  • Suitable footwear must be worn for the surface being played on.
  • No protective equipment is required.
  • Equipment should be used under the supervision of the coach or most senior member of the club present.
  • Members may use their own equipment if they can satisfy the Coach, Trip Leader or Club President that the requisite safety checks have been carried out. Any refusal to meet the requirements of this procedure may result in disciplinary action.
  • If the Coach, Trip Leader or President is not satisfied that the equipment has been adequately checked they will prevent the usage of this equipment by any member of the Club.


  • Members are required to abide by the rules and regulations set down by the Department of Physical Education and Sport when using University facilities
  • Members are required to abide by the rules and regulations of each and any operator of facilities used by the Club
  • Members should leave the facilities in the condition that they found them in as far as is reasonably practicable

Health and Safety Responsibilities

  • Lara Nash is responsible for Health & Safety within the club
  • Basic first aid provision should be at trainings, matches etc. and captains should be aware of hazards, all as defined in the risk assessment.
  • The Club undertake an annual risk assessment of the hazards involved in their activity. It is the responsibility of the Club President to ensure this takes place.
  • Each individual member should ensure they familiarize themselves with the risks inherent in the activity and should take every recognized precaution to avoid risk to themselves and others, as detailed in the club’s risk assessment, which is available here
  • A member of the Club must have attended the Students’ Union’s Duty of Care training session by the end of Term 1.
  • The Club Coach can act as an advisor in respect of assessing risks and should be consulted in this respect.

First Aid/ Accident Reporting

  • The trip leader will have a first aid kit when away from Warwick.
  • Any injuries/incidents or near misses whether at training, during matches/events home or away must be reported to Lara Nash and/or Daniel Wilson who will ensure that they are reported to the Sports Administrator.

Social Activity

  • Club members are reminded that when participating in Club’s social activities they are representing the University of Warwick Students’ Union and the University itself.
  • Behaviour deemed to be unacceptable by either the Students’ Union or the University may result in disciplinary action taken against individuals or the Club as a whole.

Club Adoptions

  • The clubs aim is that every member has an enjoyable time and that no pressure be placed on any member to do anything they may not enjoy.
  • The members of the club executive are responsible for the welfare of all club members and will take necessary measures to ensure that an adequate level of safety is maintained.
  • It is each individual’s choice if they attend club adoptions. Non attendance will not be a barrier to full participation in other club activities.
  • Each Club Exec should notify the Sports Officer at least seven days before planned adoptions and include planned date, time, venue, content and supervisors they will have.
  • At least two of the supervisors will have attended a Students’ Union First Aid and Duty of Care course.

Disciplinary Measures

  • In the event of a member breaching this code of conduct any/all of the following actions may be taken:
    • Be required to apologise to team-mates, the opposition, coach or captain.
    • Receive a warning from the president, coach or captain
    • Be dropped or substituted from a team
    • Be suspended from training
    • Not be selected for the team
    • Be required to leave the club