The Exec


Here you can find a few details about the Exec team for the 2019/20 academic year. You can find their contact details on the Contact page.

President Lara Nash
Club Coach Dan Wilson
Women’s Coach Jasmine Brian-Boys
Men’s Coach Neil Mcculloch
Secretary Andy Fraz
Treasurer Scott Johnson-Corney 
Tournament Secretary Ben Young
Pubs & Comms Nathan Hall
Women’s Coordinator Phoebe Asplin 
Social Secretary Jessie Liu 
Communities Officer Will Newing


Club Coach Adam Carver
Women’s Coach Hannah Yorwerth
President James Taylor
Assistant Coach Daniel Wilson
Secretary Akash Milward-Bose
Pubs & Comms Daniel Brown & Ben Minter
Tournament Secretary Charlie Dunn
Treasurer Harry Law
Social Secretary Owen Brookes
Women’s Coordinator Lara Nash
Community Officer Matthew Pike


Captain Willem Garnier
Vice Captain Zac Jopling
Women’s Captain Ellen Daly
President Will Bolton
Treasurer Owen Plummer
Pubs & Comms Stephen Loat and Harry Stallard
Tournament Secretary Akash Milward-Bose
Secretary James Taylor
Women’s Coordinator Catherine McGrath
Social Secretary Katie Anderson
Community Officer Ka Tsung Wong


Captain George Siddens
Vice Captain Jonah Varney
Women’s Captain Leia Turner
President Cathy Hensman
Treasurer Will Bolton
Pubs & Comms Willem Garnier
Tournament Secretary Win Chirayus
Secretary Zac Jopling
Women’s Coordinator Yan Han “Isabel” Goh
Social Secretary Hugh Kinnear
Community Officer Becca Haines


Captain Romit Patel
Vice Captain Adam Carver
Women’s Captain (Coach) Matt Kirk
President Peter Weightmann
Treasurer Chris Wray
Pubs & Comms Andreas Vassiliou
Tournament Secretary Calum Machin
Secretary Duncan McLeish
Women’s Coordinator Tina Zhou Hui
Social Secretary Cathy Hensman
Community Officer Rohin Velani


Captain Jack ‘Frigate’ Skipper
Vice Captain Romit Patel
Women’s Captain Katariina Rantanen
President Hamza Alawiye
Treasurer Jamie Barr
Pubs & Comms Ed Vinnicombe, Tina Zhou Hui
Secretary Peter Weightman
Social Matt Kirk
Charity Calum Machin, James Lawton


Captain Samuel Hawkins
Vice Captain Andrew Hillman
Women’s Coach Moritz ‘Fritz’ Reithmayr
President Rory Hughes
Treasurer Rob Terrett
Pubs & Comms Hamza Alawiye, Sam Carter
Secretary Rosina Simmons
Social Robbie Tink
Charity Michael Shneerson


Captain Robbie Tink
Vice Captain Matthew ‘Niki’ Harrison
Women’s Captain Ronja Wöestheinrich
President Rebecca Hale
Treasurer Katariina Rantanen
Pubs & Comms Rory Hughes, Rosina Simmons
Secretary Kristofer Kerswell
Social Daniel Davies


Captain Joe Thompson
Vice Captain Moritz ‘Fritz’ Reithmayr
Women’s Captain Rebecca Hale
President Mark Jones
Treasurer Simon Holland
Pubs & Comms Euan Long, Chris Potts
Secretary Phil Dent
Social Alex Massey


Captain James Freeman
Vice Captain Matt De Lacy Alders
Women’s Captain Hayley Summers
President Hayden Cole
Treasurer Theo Tizard
Pubs & Comms Helen ‘Welen’ Wanstall, Rebecca Hale
Secretary Mark Jones
Social Alex Massey, Alex Clinkard, Ian Cross


Captain Simon Smiley
Vice Captain James Freeman
Women’s Captain Lizi Blackburn
President Adam Maxwell
Treasurer Anthony Hawkins
Pubs & Comms Matt De Lacy Alders
Secretary Jan Vavrusa
Social Hayley Summers


Captain Dave Tyler
Vice Captain Tom Abrams
Women’s Captain Lauren Tyler
President Dave Gill
Treasurer Tim Lawrence
Pubs & Comms James Freeman, Lizi Blackburn
Secretary Helen Swan
Social Simon SmileyEdward Parsons


Captain Terry Conquest
Vice Captain Rob Sherwood
Women’s Captain Gemma Watkins
President Ryan John
Treasurer David Gill
Pubs & Comms Adam Maxwell
Secretary Joey Sax Dixon
Social Bruce Fenning


Captain Brick
Vice Captain Terry Conquest
Women’s Captain Roses Keal
President Gemma Sargent
Treasurer Eric Tse
Pubs & Comms Sarah Cattermole, Dave Tyler
Secretary Ryan John
Social Nicci Vinson

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