Regular Season 2016 – Core, Strength and Mobility Exercises

This is a sister post to the Pre-Season – Core and Mobility post. That post focused on exercises that build the mobility and flexibility required to develop and support a fluent throwing motion. This post takes the next step, introducing some more challenging exercises that build strength around that mobility.
Mini-Band In Out Routine
A few minutes in total. Make sure you maintain a strong squat position throughout. Whichever out of above or below the knee feels most comfortable to you.

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Plank with Abduction
1 Set = 10 on each leg.

Triple Threat Hamstrings
1 Set = 10 reps of each exercise

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Hands to Feet Sit Ups (3m20s)
1 Set = 8 Reps
Lying on your back and keeping your legs and arms as straight as possible get your feet and hands to meet in the middle above your stomach – get your hips and shoulders off the floor – you want to go up and meet in the middle quickly but return to the floor slowly.

Push Ups Taps
1 Set = (start at 5 building up to) 10 on each arm- From push up position take one hand off the ground and tap the opposite shoulder. Try not to rush it, your core should keep you balanced with only one hand on the ground.

Plank to Push Up

For set one always move left hand first, 5 reps. Then repeat moving right hand first.

One Leg Reach with Rotation (0m10s)
Do one where your leg goes directly behind, one where it goes to the right and one to the left. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

Toe Touch Deep Squat Circuit
1 Set = 3×5 follow the instructions given in the video.

Unloaded Skater Squat
1 Set = 3×8 on each leg.

Andrew Hillman


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