WUST14 Captain’s Report

Swansea- This was our first game of the day and in the same sort of way that ‘Bears do it on the Sunday’, Shakesbears seemed to ‘do it after a few minutes’. We started this one off 1 goal down but managed to equalise with some very chilly offence especially around the endzone. We scored another 2 times to get it to 3-1 and then when they scored to make it 3-2 they switched from man to a zone. However we were very comfortable to swing the disc and break through the zone and we ended up winning 6-3. Good Start to the day against the team seeded 1st!

Quiet Five were our next opposition, who we’d noticed that amongst their players was someone who had a Danger High Voltage top on which were a team who did very well at WIndoors so we were worried. (We’d later find out Quiet Five were ‘just’ a team of Lincoln graduates who described themselves as ‘just’ a baby Danger High Voltage team). The game, once again, started with them scoring a quick goal. We struggled to break their 2 man cup zone(?) but our hard man D was forcing them into long shots. However they got another goal so we decided to bring a 3rd handler back which really helped us to stay more composed. We swung more and that helped us to hit the middle and gain yards. We upped our man D, stopping a lot more (and eventually all) of their options and causing experienced players to stall out. A huge grab from Zak got us our first goal, and a (Rory) Huge hammer by Romit helped us to find Peter in the endzone to make it 2-2. We had the momentum and if the game had carried on longer, we would’ve taken it but the timer sounded and the game finished 2-2.

Next up Airwolf. They scored first and then we tied it up at 1-1. Which from there they unfortunately played a very loose zone and our man D stopped a lot of their cuts. We took off and finished the game 6-1. There was some poor spirit from them in the middle of the game (although I’m not sure why, they weren’t playing badly) but they apologised for it and we had the most fun spirit circle of all. The Airwolf call was a beer run which Me and Tanay competed in!

Last in the group games were Worcester 2 the hosts of the tournament’s second team. I think they were chasing a 7-0 win to bring them from the bottom and we were chasing a 15-0 win to try to get top seeding. In this game Romit tried something new and set up two lines in the hope it would encourage more consistency and fluidity due to familiarity with each other. I think it worked really well, we played really liquid frisbee on both lines and our defence forced them to throw long all the time. (I have a feeling they didn’t string 3 passes together all game). Either way when it got to about 6-0 we started to really chase the 15-0, taking any option in the endzone and playing really spicyily. In the end we didn’t quite get to the 15-0 (which was ambitious for a 14 min game), the end score was 9-0.

This left us 2nd in our group, but then Romit came over claiming we were first and he’d miss counted Quiet Five’s (who we were drawing on points with) goal difference and we we’re actually top. However it took Cov, to run all the way over to us to put us right where they took great delight in the fact we were playing them in the 2v3. We’d actually come 2nd and by the way the tournament was reseeded (all teams were reseeded in a big table not in the groups) we’d come 2nd and they were 3rd.

So onto this 2v3 semi-final against Cov. They knew our plays from practices etc and I’m pretty sure at one stage they even called ‘Warwick Sideline’ as a play. We were pumped to beat Cov, we know the rivarly and with Varsity still fresh in the memory we wanted to show that Warwick Freshers could beat Coventry too. We started off well, both playing really nice defence and we actually scored first! However we then struggled to get through their zone and had a few lapses in concentration which they managed to captalise on and get the score to 4-1. A really nice hammer from Romit after a long point got us to 4-2 then we edged another long point at 5-2 to get the score to be 5-3. At 5-3, a quick turn found JLaw in the end zone to make it 5-4. However there just wasn’t enough time left for us to complete the comeback. There was a slight mix up at the end with scoring, which in a nutshell was that the buzzer went off and the official on the sideline said we were drawing, so we played on and scored (after about 5 seconds). However after thinking about it and checking video evidence we worked out the score was actually 5-4 to Cov. It was a dramatic end which unfortunately did spill over into the spirit circle but we did get a game of ninja statues going.

Finally we also played a friendly 3v4 against Mwnci See. We we’re keen for a friendly 3v4 and so were they and so was Quiet Five who come over towards the end as they really wanted to see this match up after playing both teams! It was a really fun game with both teams just having fun and throwing whatever they wanted. Very well spirited and a really nice way to end the day.

So that’s it, Shakesbears at WUST14 started seeded 3rd, and ended 3rd. It was our first open tournament and we had a lot of fun! It was a shame losing to Cov, but we’ll back next time even more motivated! Thank you so much to Romit for Captaining, Calum and Zak for driving and a HUGE thank you to Peter who organised absolutely everything (like he always does)!WUST14 Post WUST14 McDonalds

Ed Vinnicombe

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