LIWL Shakesbears Captain’s Report

It was a 280 mile round trip for Shakesbears’ first tournament as a club, setting off with high hopes and high spirits despite the inauspicious start to the day when we ended up going the wrong way down a one way street in Leam and wondering why somebody was coming towards us in “our lane” and having to dive into a back alley! (I knew I should’ve just made them get a bus to campus!) The team was Peter (c), Adam, Calum, Chris, Ed, James, Matt, Win and Zak. We were initially seeded 6th out of 8, here’s how we got on:

Group game 1: Shakesbears 4-3 Curve
We rocked up in the van with 5 minutes to get ready for our first game so we didn’t have much time to talk about any game plans or properly get our heads into game mode which resulted in quite a few handdiscs thrown away and dropped when we got near their end zone but this all contributes to our experience curve so we can learn from it for future tournaments. We came out with a win against the initially 1st seed Curve team.

Group game 2: Shakesbears 6-5 Chichester
These guys were ultimate players, they had a taller and more athletic team than ours which meant a hard fought game. The score was neck and neck all game, but we were able to keep just ahead throughout. This was probably our best played game technically with some great plays and less turnovers than the first game but were unfortunate to receive a couple of injuries on our team (maybe we should actually listen to Andy and go to fitness?). They also tried some odd zonal/poachy tactic when we were running the sideline play that we’d never seen before, but we managed to adjust to it quickly. We came out with a win against the initially 3rd seeded team guaranteeing a top half finish! 🙂

Group game 3: Shakesbears 3-4 Essex
Our final group game was against the initial 7th seed Essex, and was even more knackering than the other matches for me (maybe I should actually listen to Andy and go to fitness?). There were lots of high stall counts when we were on O due to their D or our tiredness, and also a few throw aways when we were going for throws that weren’t really there. Saying that, they only got one more point than us showing that our D was just as hard as theirs, which is always good to hear! I think this was also the game where we scored in two passes within about 10 seconds after one of their pulls to us!

We finished the group stage in 1st place! 😀

Semifinal: Shakesbears 2-3 Floppy Disc
This was a disappointing game as we feel like we should’ve and could’ve won it and been in the final but when we were on O we took too many unnecessary risky shots and paid the price. There was an awesome score by Chris jumping up and plucking a high disc then landing mere picometers inside the back corner of the end zone!! We suspect their final point was caught by an experienced player (experienced players aren’t allowed to score) but they were a bit too slow to transfer that data to us or maybe it had been a “user prohibited option” so we didn’t know at the time – if only they had been team LaserDisc –  que sera, sera! This result meant our final game was for 3rd or 4th place.

7-5 vs Cherry Pie
We hungry for a top 3 finish so were ready to put all of our effort into one final game but we knew it was going to be difficult against this team that won all of their group games. We started slowly getting to 2-4 down but we fought back with 3 points in a row mostly caught by Chris the scoring machine! In the final moments of the game I saw Ed was free in the end zone and sent in a hammer which he caught only to get absolutely clattered by one of their players desperately trying to intercept (this’ll be a great one to watch in the video we recorded). We ended up devouring our opponent, Cherry Pie 7-5.

Overall we finished 3rd which is a great result for the Shakesbears’ first tournament! =)

I feel that on another day we could have been in the final but 3rd is still a great result. There were lots of great plays and most teams had 2 experienced players meaning one on every point so we have a lot to feel good about! Everyone put loads of effort in and in a couple of years after lots more training (and yes Andy, fitness) we’ll be dominating every tournament we go to! ‪#‎WIndoors2017‬ ‪#‎BearToBream‬

Peter Weightman

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