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Hey guys. I’m Robbie, the Social Secretary for this year, and I can’t wait to back at Warwick for another (my 4th) year of frisbee and fun!

As Bears welcomes so many new members every year, the social side of the club is just as important as the training for making friends and getting to know your team mates. Traditional favourite socials range from Circling at the SU (come along to find out more!) to the end of year Sports Ball, and from classic student pub crawls to stuffing our faces with food at the Chinese buffet Wing Wahs!

This year each social will be run by one or two volunteer ‘hosts’ from the club, who will also be responsible for organising and publicising their event. The aim is to get as many people as possible involved with running the socials that club members want, while I will coordinate the overall social calendar and offer support where needed. There is no pressure for people to take on massive amounts of responsibility but if everyone gets chips in a bit, this will be the best social year ever.

See you in a few weeks when the fun begins,

Robbie T

Social Sec

Robbie Tink

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