What is Ultimate?

Ultimate Frisbee is a unique sport, combining elements of both American Football and  Netball. The concept is very simple: catch the disc in your opponents’ end-zone to score a point.

You may not move when holding the disc, so must complete passes between your teammates all the way down the pitch as the other team tries to intercept your passes in any way possible.

Defenders do not have to catch the disc to intercept your passes, they merely have to stop your pass from completing, which can result in extremely athletic plays from both the offence and the defence as players try to be the first to the disc in any way possible. The sport is limited contact, similar to Association Football, as contact is not allowed but incidental contact does happen.

Ultimate is played primarily on grass, but also indoors, and even on sand!
We have strong open (men’s), women’s, and mixed teams.  Playing with Warwick Bears gives you the chance to attend tournaments all over the UK and even within Europe, including a tournament on the beautiful beaches of Italy.

Check out UK Ultimate to find out more about the sport, particularly in the UK.

Burla Beach Cup, a tournament taking place on the sunny beaches of Italy which Warwick Bears attend every summer.

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