UMIR Report – 16/17 November 2019

UMIR Report – 16/17 November 2019

Warwick Bears took 4 teams to UMIR, ready to challenge at every level.

Warwick 1s

Final Standing: 2nd

Bears 1 came into UMIR having played a couple of warm up tournaments this season so felt confident about their chances of securing a div 1 spot.

Third seed meant the first 3 games were against relatively inexperienced teams: Bangor 2 (13 – 2), Coventry 2 (13 – 2) and Swansea 3 (13 – 0). Each of these teams played well and Swansea 3 were unlucky not to score. Bears 1 were quite sloppy in all of our opening games, throwing and catching mistakes (Adam Carver vs Cov 2) led to too many turnovers on offence, we were careful to iron out heading into the harder games in the pool.

Next up was Keele, some slick offence from both sides saw us trade until 3 – 3. The rest of the game saw us turn up our defensive pressure to secure a 12 – 4 win. #ThanksForTeachingHenryToPlayFrisbee

To round of the Saturday we played hosts 2UBU. Our focus this game was to start hitting top gear in preparation for Sunday. We knew 2UBU would test both our offence and defence so game faces were well and truly on. Having played our best frisbee of the day we took home an 11 – 1 win. #stackofclothes #ironing

Our first game of the business end of the tournament saw us take on the fearsome Bears 2. We were determined to not nearly lose to them as Bears 1 embarrassingly managed 2 years ago. Even a strong UBU sideline couldn’t saw Bears 2 from a humiliating defeat 9 – 4. But thanks for warming us up for our semi. Feeling fresh we played our first opponent seeded above us. losing to Bangor 1 last year meant we were even more determined to get the win. Things were looking a bit shaky at 3 -1 down but we turned it on to win 9 – 3 in the end. The long wait was finally over! The big game was up next and we were feeling confident. UBU are always a very strong team with a deep squad of talent so we knew this would be a good game. A respectable 7 – 5 loss saw us runners up at UMIR 2019 after a hard fought final. MVP went to Daniel Wilson for his strong performance on both sides of the disk (does that make sense?). However, everyone was superb and can be proud of themselves (not sure you’re allowed glue on your hands though Sid). We’re looking forward to Nationals in Edinburgh were we are repeat a strong performance, keep an eye out for updates in February!

Neil McCulloch – Men’s Coach

Watch a game here:

Warwick 2s

Final Standing: 6th

Heading into the weekend, as 6th seed we had high hopes aiming to give the very top teams a good run for their money. For most of us this would be our last UMIR so we hoped to play the best Frisbee we could and also enjoy the games as much as possible. We got off to a shaky start against Swansea 2, drawing 5-5. During our 3 hours before the next game, we discussed cleaning up our offence, stretching deep and concentrating on early resets. To hold our seed we needed goal difference to go our way, so played aggressively against Worcester 1 and Cardiff 3, beating them 7-2 and 13-1 respectively. Our offence looked much better, getting some nice flow going, working through Worcester’s zone and shutting down Cardiff’s attacks with strong defence, only letting them through in the last point. Birmingham 1 was always going to be a challenge, so we approached it with a calm mind-set wanting to work on keeping the disc as much as possible. A 9-3 loss didn’t reflect how well I felt we played at the end of the first day, but we had held our seed, coming second in the group. It was all to play for in the final day. We had again a slightly messy first game against Birmingham 3, despite the comfortable winning score of 12-3, placing us in the top 8. Warwick 1… well… we got off to a great start, breaking them, to getting us to 3-2 up. Our cheeky deep shots and quick flow started to get closed off by the 1s and we struggled to hold off their constant movement of our defence, leaving the final score as a 9-4 loss. Our next game was Keele 1 who we managed to beat, by as small margin, 8-7. We were now guaranteed 6th and had nationals up for grabs in the next game against Cardiff 1. There was some great chemistry between our players shining through, really showing how far we’d come since the start of the weekend. Unfortunately with two more players on the squad and some very clean offence, Cardiff were better, beating us 7-4. I was very pleased with our performance in the last game and throughout the weekend in general. Effort was always high and we did a great job of sorting out issues from our last games, showing a strong mental game by all. We really were a solid unit by the end, with everyone feeling like an equally important piece to the puzzle. Our 7 players can come away this tournament with fab weekend of Frisbee to remember forever.

Ben Young – Bears 2 Captain

Watch a game here:

Warwick 3s

Final Standing: 19th

The weekend started with a high intensity game against Birmingham 3 which looked to be our best chance of getting a win on day 1 of the tournament. Each team scored alternately for much of the game however UBU3 were a very physical team and were unfortunately able to capitalise on that fact towards the end, with the game ultimately ending 7-3. The following 3 matches of Saturday were all against 1st teams, seeing Bears 3 face Cardiff, Staffordshire and Bangor (15-0, 10-2 and 15-1 respectively). Despite unrelenting effort from every member of the team we weren’t able to keep up against these much more skilled and experienced sides. Sunday started off similarly with Coventry 1 beating us 15-0 also, however, it was after this that our luck changed. After being placed in the lowest pool we faced Bangor 2 first, which started out promisingly for us. We were ahead early and were playing well whilst Bangor struggled to keep hold of the disk, however, we definitely got over excited with the first chance of a win and they got back into the game, resulting in a final score of 7-7. Next came the big match against Bears 4. After conceding first we came back and both teams were neck and neck throughout. With time up and only last possession left Robin made a last ditch layout to draw the game, however, was unable to pull it off, resulting in Bears 3’s first win of the tournament (7-6). Finally we played Coventry 2 to decide which team would take 19th place. We came out strong and were able to match their zone as we had played against it a few times by this point. Despite many long hammers into the end zone, Coventry were unable to convert these into scores due to a strong Bears D, with the game ending 5-3 to us. Despite being capped several times, facing better teams forced us to work hard and we were playing much better by the end of the tournament. Well done to everyone involved and special thanks to Tom, Scott and Joe for putting up with us.

Oliver Goldstone – Bears 3 Captain

Watch a game here:

Warwick 4s

Final Standings: 21st

Bears 4 entered the regional qualifiers knowing that we wouldn’t place highly, despite this we played our hearts out, especially in the UBU 4 Game, putting up decent scores against teams much more experience and skill compared to our team, Sunday after losing 2 players we still played well however we lost a few frustrating games we felt we should have won if we played better, all in all it was a great learning experience for freshers and a fun weekend for our more experienced members. Special shout out to James Redford for some amazing defense and handling all weekend really bringing our team together.

Robin Ong – Bears 4 Captain

Watch a game here:

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