BUCS Report – 9/10 November 2019

BUCS Report – 9/10 November 2019

Two weeks ago the Women’s team travelled to Norwich for the inaugural games of the Women’s BUCS league. The first game was against Cambridge. A slow start meant we went down 3-0 but we picked up the pace and started to play some nice flowing frisbee. We started trading and then got a few breaks back to bring the game to 6-6 game to 7. We won the last point! Shout out to Sasha, Tra My and Trish, for whom this was there first women’s outdoor game, the Cambridge coach couldn’t tell who our beginners were because they were so good! We then went straight into playing Birmingham (UBU). We went up 3-0 at the start and then traded, with a couple breaks on either side for the rest of the game. This meant we won 10-7. There was some great zoning and really tight man defence played. Shout out to Jenny for some great deep cuts and Val for her final endzone catch. It was a really fun day with some good looking frisbee played. Well done to everyone on the team! Stay tuned for our next BUCS league day next term.

Hannah Yorwerth

Warwick 1 Vs Cambridge 1

Final Score: 7-6

Watch the game here:

Warwick 1 Vs UBU 1

Final Score: 10 – 7

Watch the game here:

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