BUCS Report – 30 October 2019

BUCS Report – 30 October 2019

Warwick Bears start the BUCS season with 2 games. The first team take on Nottingham 1 and Warwick 2 challenge Leicester 1 in the cup.

Warwick 1 Vs Nottingham 1

Final Score: 11-12

Bears 1 came into the game knowing it would be close. A slow start put us 2 – 0 but we came back fighting to level it up by half. We traded until the final point unfortunately losing on universe 12 – 11. This was the first game on Bears 1 for several players and they confirmed their spots by playing at a really high standard. Shout out to Graham Kemps sick layout score to get us to universe. Stay tuned for our next game against Cambridge in 2 weeks.

Bears 1 Captain (Neil McCulloch)

Watch some of the game here:

Warwick 2 Vs Leicester 1

Final Score: 5-15

Bears 2 started the season with a tough game away to Leicester 1 in the cup. Both teams started the game well, as we traded the first 4 points. Leicester were a very athletic side and had a few handlers who were comfortable floating it deep, which was very effective for them. Our offensive looked really promising at times, with some nice passages of play. A few rushed passes and drops let us down, but we’ll be sure to eradicate these as the season goes on.

After half time we tried a zone to stop their deep shots and this worked fairly effectively, however they still managed to find some spaces in the middle of the pitch. Against their zone we swung the disc confidently but struggled to find a forward pass. However, when we did successfully stretch their zone and find space up the middle, we scored a few nice points.

The game ended 15-5 to Leicester which wasn’t the result the team was looking for, but there was a lot of positives to take away from the performance. As the season goes on, I’m sure the flow of our offence will improve, our defence will get tighter and we’ll be looking to pick up a lot of good wins in the league.

Bears 2 Captain (Scott Johnson-Corney)

Watch the game here:

Next week Warwick 2 take on UBU 2 in their first league game!

Nathan Hall

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