WU24 Q&A – Ali Thomas

Some of the best young talents from around the globe have recently been to Heidelberg, Germany to compete in the Open, Mixed and Women’s division. GB took a strong team this year, including some Warwick Bears.  GB’s Mens finished 8th, Womens 8th and the Mixed team 13th. We talked to the Warwick Bears who made the trip to Germany.

Ali Thomas

How long have you been playing frisbee, and how did you start?
Been playing frisbee for four years now, started at Warwick after my flatmates persuaded me to come to a refresher session in January. Took a while to settle in and get to grips with how the game worked but I loved it from the start.
What is your role in the GB team?
My role in the GB team was very much ancillary, I was a third handler on a predominantly offensive line. Setting the stack, making people move around in the zone, and running resets. Not the most glamorous job but someone’s got to do it. I also was one of the the spirit captains for the team, which was…interesting, I’ll say. I think I’d approach that very differently if I had to do it again (we came second last in spirit, for context).
What was your best on pitch moment of the tournament?
Best on pitch moment has to be scoring against the US. Burned my defender deep and then skied two defenders. Doesn’t get much better than that!
Any advice for the rest of Warwick Bears?

Advice for the rest of bears…wow that’s a very vague question 😉. My advice would be twofold I suppose. 

Work fucking hard. Throw whenever you can. Go to the gym. If you want to get better, every minute you put into it is worthwhile. 

My other piece of advice is to know when to stop. Make sure you allocate time to non frisbee things, and non course things. Down time is really important. If frisbee is your down time, great! But if not, find something else to do.

How did you find the trials to join the squad?
Trials were fine. It was my second round of trialling so I kind of knew what to expect and knew all of the coaches so it was pretty chilled actually. Women’s was a bit of a turnfest, not helped by the weather. Mixed was really fun. I tried to approach them (like last year) with zero expectations. Just relax and to have as much fun as possible and enjoy the challenge, you know.
What is next?

Next, well, I’m majorly burnt out honestly. Two cycles of U24s in a row and doing my NQT year has properly taken its toll. I’m taking a year off to focus on fitness and not think about frisbee at all. It’s gonna be great!

Thanks Ali!

Nathan Hall

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