WU24 Q&A – Hannah Yorwerth

Some of the best young talents from around the globe have recently been to Heidelberg, Germany to compete in the Open, Mixed and Women’s division. GB took a strong team this year, including some Warwick Bears.  GB’s Mens finished 8th, Womens 8th and the Mixed team 13th. We talked to the Warwick Bears who made the trip to Germany.

Hannah Yorwerth

How long have you been playing frisbee, and how did you start?
I’ve been playing now for 4 years, 2 years at university and 2 years before university. I started playing as my brother started when he was at uni and wanted someone to throw with him. I then researched if there was a local club team and started going to those sessions.
What is your role in the GB team?
I play as a swing line cutter, meaning I play both offence and defence points and do lots of running. I’m either an initiating cutter or continuation second cutter.
What was your best on pitch moment of the tournament?

I had two memorable moments, the first in our first game against the Netherlands in which I got a toe in on the sideline (I had to reach a long way out pitch but make sure my feet were still in the pitch when I caught the disc). The other team weren’t sure if I was in but fortunately there was a Japanese coach filming the game so we looked at the replay and could see it was a score, pretty cool having VAR.

The second was playing the French team for the second time where I scored a Callahan, where I intercepted a pass from one of their players and caught the disc in their endzone and scored (kind of like an own goal).

What was your best off pitch moment of the tournament?

Oooo, probably scoring 3 in a row in goal hack, it’s kind of like keepy upy with a small bean bag ball and once everyone in the circle has touched it you can score in the goal (between two shoes normally). It’s super fun.

Any advice for the rest of Warwick Bears?

Ultimate-wise two main things stick in my mind from playing both u24 and beach this year:

Having complete confidence in yourself: Anytime you are moving you are running as hard as you can. If you cut to the wrong place it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it with confidence because you’ll loose your defender and get the disc anyway.

And to gain that complete confidence: Practice throwing a lot so you feel confident in your throwing ability. 

Do some strength work (gym work) to help prevent injury and conditioning work (doing agility training, sprint training etc) to get fit and fast. 

All three of those are as important as the other, there’s no point going to the gym 5 times a week if you can’t change direction fast to keep up with someone or if when you get the disc you can’t throw it to anyone.

How did you find the trials to join the squad?
The trials were really fun, I trialled for both the Mixed and Womens team and choose mixed due to preferring the coaching. It’s just a weekend of playing lots of ultimate and doing some new drills and learning from some of the best coaches in the country. I would totally advise going just to have a weekend of great coaching even if you don’t think you’ll get in. Some people get really nervous at trials but try to play how you usually play and have fun!
What is next?

I’m trialling for both the women’s and mixed senior squads with the hope of getting onto the team for 2020 Worlds, fingers crossed!

Thanks Hannah!

Nathan Hall

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