WUCC Q&A – Adam Carver

The 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships are happening right now in Ohio, so we’ve asked a few bears and ex-bears who are going some quick questions about frisbee and the WUCC.

First up is our current club coach, Adam Carver, playing in the Men’s Division for Chevron Action Flash.

1)How long have you been playing frisbee, and how did you start?
 I’ve been playing for just short of five years, I started at uni after seeing a flyer and hearing that Zak Dunstone was also going so we went together. Then the friendly Sam Carter and Robbie Tink convinced me to stay.
2)What’s your preferred role on the team(defence/offence, handler/cutter)?

I prefer to be a D line handler, at the high level I don’t really get blocks, but I play shutdown when I can.

3)What’s your favourite frisbee experience?

At mixed indoor regionals Bears 2 having a 5 0 comeback against UBU 2, and I scored the winning point.

4)What advice would you give to someone aiming to play at WUCC in the future?
 Honestly I don’t see myself as an authority in how to make a team that’s going to worlds. All I can say is what I did, for the first four years I attended training like everyone else and threw A LOT (there’s a reason the Shakesbears have a lot of handlers). Then in this most recent year, I started eating much healthier and hit the gym hard, once you’ve got your skills you need the stamina to go with it .
5)Are there any teams in particular that people should be on the lookout for this tournament?
 Obviously Chevron Action Flash, but also Ring of Fire and Revolution.
Thanks Adam, best of luck for the tournament!


You can find a schedule of all of the games this week here, along with links to watch them live!

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