MIXED TOUR!! What’s tour? Where’s Cheltenham? Why should I do this?

You may have heard experienced players talking about ‘Tour’ coming up in summer. To most uni clubs this is code for a week away somewhere sunny getting boozy but the Tour series in frisbee are the biggest club frisbee tournaments every year. But wait “club frisbee??” I hear you say. There is a whole world of frisbee being played outside of the uni scene and it’s your way of playing at a higher level and improving really quickly as well as tonnes of fun! Each year there are 3 mixed weekend events and 3 open/women’s weekends that teams compete in. In the mixed tours last year more than 60 teams entered, so you have all levels from community teams to groups of friends to high level teams such as Black Eagles, SMOG, Reading and some international teams. This video is from Club nationals, not tour, but it’s all the same teams anyway so check it out.

The tour dates for this season are as follows so save the dates!

MT1 24/25 March – Cardiff

MT2 14/15 April – Durham

MT3 12/13 May – Cheltenham

OWT1 2/3 June – Nottingham

OWT2 16/17 June – Cardiff

OWT3 14/15 July – Birmingham

But Mixed tour is soonest so I’m here to hype that up and I’m sure an open/women’s post will follow soon!

Mixed frisbee specifically is great! Not only can you play with all your Bears team-mates, males and female alike, but the mixed aspect adds even more interesting tactics to the game. The mixed tours also have the added bonus of being before the uni exam season unlike some of the open/women’s tour dates so it’s worth thinking ahead and going to mixed in case you can’t make the dates later in the year!

I’ve been to mixed tour for the past two years and play with a club team (who I met through Bears alumni Hayden/Rob) called Shakedown. Tour in general is a great way to play with different people and make some team allegiances other than Bears. Club teams are also who you play with once you’ve left uni and even just over the summer holidays at home so it’s good to make some connections! Last year some older bears entered MT1 as a group of friends/alumni, us playing Manchester can be watched below!

However Bears also be take our all-abilities-club-team Sharkbear! to a mixed event or two (FB event for MT1: https://www.facebook.com/events/159754694802211/) so this is a great way to play out of the uni setting but still with the Bears you know and love. Sharkbear! also play open tour so keep an eye out for those events! This is a great way to experience playing against different styles and trying out different things in our game as well – famously a great opportunity for freshers to try out handling rather than just cutting!

You can also play tour with local club teams if you go to a few trainings! Birmingham and Leamington Lemmings are super welcoming and often take teams to multiple tour events. If you want to travel further afield Reading have an open club training on Sundays (Will is often keen to go to this so speak to him if you’re interested!) There are normally a few bears playing with these teams each year so post on the bears page and you can go together.

Brum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/brumdisc/

Lemmings: https://www.facebook.com/groups/leamington.lemmings/

Reading: https://www.facebook.com/groups/readingbtl/

Me and Rob playing for Shakedown and coming 4th at club indoor mixed nationals last year! (In my Punt shirt who are/were the women’s club team I used to play for, I’ve been reliably told we’re re-ordering actual kit this year to play in though…)

Tour is a great way to play lots of frisbee over lots of full weekend outdoor tournaments (which freshers may not have experienced yet but is how frisbee is played and is great). We often camp by the pitches or get a cheap AirBnB so it’s pretty affordable and you also get to watch some high level games in the semi’s/finals/in between your games! You’ll also get to watch current/alumni bears contending for the top spots with their club teams and catch up with/make other frisbee friends from all over the country. MORE FRISBEE, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!

I’ll see you all in Cardiff!

Cathy Hensman

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