WCBU 2017 Survival Guide

World Championships of Beach Ultimate 2017

Sunday 18th – Saturday 24th June. Royan, France.


Taken from the official website:

The WFDF 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate, in association with BULA, will feature national teams from around the globe playing the highest level of beach ultimate on the beaches of Royan, France, 18-24 June 2017.

Beach ultimate is basically a combination of indoors and grass ultimate; the playing field is smaller than grass but bigger than indoors, and there are 5 people per line, however the stall count is still 10 seconds. Games are usually played to 13 and 30-40 minutes long.

Past World Championships

The last WCBU was in 2015 in Dubai. The most notable result was Canada beating USA in the mixed semifinal after a controversial foul call on universe point, and then Canada went on to lose to Germany in the final. GB had good tournaments in Open and Women’s, however the mixed team did poorly.

Placing Mixed Open Women
1st Germany USA USA
2nd Canada GB Russia
3rd USA Philippines GB

I’m sure you can all remember WUGC, USA won everything and it wasn’t really close. Australia had a good tournament and Canada were up there in every division.

Placing Mixed Men Women
2nd Australia Japan Colombia
3rd Canada Australia Canada

Bears Bears Bears

Alumni Bears to look out for this tournament:

GB Men’s:

  • Tom Abrams, #32. Bears Vice Captain ’08/’09.

GB Mixed:

  • James Freeman, #13. Bears Vice Captain ’09/’10, Captain ’10/’11.
  • Joe Thompson, #21. Bears Captain ’11/’12.
  • Dave Tyler, #6. Bears Captain ’08/’09.

GB Masters Men’s:

  • David Stobbs, #23. Bears Captain ’05/’06 (I think).

GB GrandMasters Men’s:

  • Rik Shipley, #9. Bears Captain ’94/’95 (I think).

Singapore Men’s:

  • Victor Tan, #9.


  • Willem Garnier, #66. Bears Captain ’17/’18.

There may be more, if I’ve missed any then I apologise; let me know and I’ll edit it 🙂

Teams to look out for


At WUGC they swept every division, and at WCBU 2015 they won every division except Mixed, where they lost to Canada on universe in the semifinal. They’re strong favourites to repeat their WUGC feats and have stacked rosters in every division. Their Men’s team looks especially fun (if you like hammers) with Matzuka, Goose, Chan, Nethercutt, and DeGirolamo among others on the roster. At first glance, these teams are full of the quality you’d expect, however they’re missing all of their World Games players, and other WUGC players. This will be a good chance to see if other countries are able to compete with the USA when missing their top talent or if their depth is still too much to overcome.

Great Britain

At last Beach worlds, GB Open placed 2nd. With a men’s roster full of Clapham players including Zac’s idol Ashley Yeo (#20), Justin Foord (#28), and Ollie Gordon (#14), they’ll be looking to get gold and I think they have a real chance. GB Mixed also look good to do well, with Freeman, Thompson, and Tyler all playing together for Bear Cavalry, a mixed team that won UK nationals in 2012 and 2013 and the European Club Championships in 2013. The women’s team placed well at last beach worlds, and the team is returning players from that team, is full of Iceni players, and some that have played at WUGC for USA and Canada. The GB Masters Men’s team came 3rd at WUGC and will be looking to improve here, however the USA has an insane team so gold will be difficult.


After the WUGC results they’ve arguably taken Canada’s spot as the 2nd best ultimate nation. The Phillips sisters aren’t on any of the rosters, and I’m unsure about other world games players, however I’d still expect them to be up there.


Canada are always good, with their access to quality competition in North America. Philippines are basically a specialist beach team, with the Boracay Dragons who I believe train on Beach pretty much every day even in non-WCBU years, and finished 3rd in 2015. Germany, namely its mixed team which according to the Show Game “is outstanding. They return nine of the team that won in Dubai, and have added former GB Men’s player Robert Schumacher.” Japan have strong women, however the Buzz Bullets are all in a “period of reflection“, so I’d expect the Men’s and Mixed teams to suffer.

Finally, Willem has insider knowledge that the Switzerland mixed masters team is cool and “if they get on the livestream you gotta cheer for them”. Also, after Freespeed’s performance at Windmill last week coming 2nd, losing to Clapham in the final, their men led by the Miglioretto brothers (Luca will be throwing a lot of hammers) will be looking to place well.

How do I stay up to date?


Field 1 will be live streamed on youtube by WFDF for free, and fields 2 and 3 will be streamed on fanseat.com, which you can get a month’s free trial of. I’ll likely be posting links throughout the week but here’s a handy spreadsheet I’ve made (click me!) with the games on fields 1-3 and some hand picked games to watch if you aren’t sure or want to plan! Note that I’m not 100% sure if all games on these fields will be streamed so don’t take that as gospel.

WCBU Website

Media Coverage

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