Windoors 2020!

You might have seen some posts on facebook about something called Windoors, if you think it sounds cool but aren’t sure about signing up or want more information, you are reading the right thing.

What is Windoors?

Windoors is a weekend long tournament held in the sports centre before term 2 starts (this year it will be 6-7th January) for all members of the club plus alumni and friends of bears. Bears usually take bears 1 and bears 2 plus several mixed ability teams which are a mixture of freshers and experienced players and all club members are eligible to play – if you want to play, you will play! Each team plays around 3 games on either Saturday morning or afternoon and then there’s a party in the evening! Then you play the remainder of your games on Sunday (often with at least one team player feeling worse for wear after the party…)

What I like about Windoors:

Windoors is such a fun tournament, it’s a great time to catch up with all the bears you haven’t seen over Christmas and run around playing some really fun, well spirited Frisbee. You get to really bond with your team mates and often for freshers it is a first opportunity to take on a bigger role within the team. Playing other bears teams is obviously great fun and really competitive but playing against some of the more experienced alumni teams is also great too. They’re usually really friendly and playing against them is a good way to improve and learn about the sport.

The party is also a great time to unwind and have fun! In recent years we have had karaoke in TJs and then winded up in Kelsey’s playing classic Bears games. It’s also an opportunity to dress up and to be honest, George and I could do with some more competition in that department (having won best costume for Windoors 2015, 2016 and 2017), I’m a big advocate for going all out.

Bad reasons for not coming to Windoors:

  • First year maths exams: firstly if you haven’t done enough revision by the weekend before I’m going to assume you’re a bit of a procrastinator so you probably won’t do that much more in those 1.5 days*. I’m writing this post now so you have plenty of time between now and then to revise so that you can come to Windoors. Also they’re not worth very much (<1.5% of your degree).
  • Don’t have a room on campus to stay in: You can stay at someone’s house.

Good reasons for coming to Windoors:

  • Fun weekend of Frisbee
  • Catch up with Bears friends
  • Play against and watch some pretty good opposition
  • You might win something!
  • There’s a party!
  • It’s very cheap (about £3 tbc)
  • What else do you have to do that could possibly take priority?
  • You might get to commentate a game if you’re lucky
  • Burn off Christmas calories
  • Fantastic tunes over the speakers

Sign up HERE

If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare why not watch Windoors 2017 final and start getting hyped now!

WB x

*Disclaimer, I, nor Warwick Bears, take any responsibility for poor exam marks as a result of attending Windoors.

Will Bolton

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