Captain’s Report: Bears 4 at UMIR 2016

Written by Harry Stallard (club automotive vehicle 2016), which captained Bears 4 at UXIR 2016.



Bears 4 [2 – 15] Bangor 1

First game of the tournament against the team that went on to claim 3rd and the final div 1 spot for nationals. It was a tough game and I feel had we faced them later in the tournament the score line would have been closer. On offense we were disjointed, often running into each other’s space and not taking an easy dump option. But, we didn’t get bagel’d!

Bears 4 [3 – 15] Staffordshire 1

Very similar to the previous game. With the two only a half hour apart, there was not much time to change anything drastic. However, we improved our score and kept our bagel-less streak running!

Bears 4 [8 – 6] Swansea 3

This game was against a team of mostly freshers, and hence could be considered in the same bracket as our own. Although the score line was close, I feel it could have been greater in our favour. I think we gained confidence from our previous games of the day and started to get the rhythm of the game going in our favour. We were a much more athletic team and that really showed towards the end, but some unfortunate passes held us back. Overall, much improved from the Bangor game and we were glad to have a victory under our belts.

Bears 4 [6 – 9] Birmingham 3

With the Warwick/uBu being rivalry the storyline of the tournament, we were desperate to win this game. Unfortunately, it didn’t start in our favour with 3 quick points early in the game proving to be the difference. From that point however, the game became the most intense and hard-fought game of the day, with some great defence and some smooth offense really highlighting our improvement as a team in only one day. The team took their time on the disc and used the dump option to great effect meaning we dismantled their zone but still had some unfortunate drops. This would have been an interesting rematch had we faced each other again.

Bears 4 [12 – 3] Staffordshire 2

Final game of the Saturday, and we knew the stakes. Victory and we were in the 9-16 bracket, while a loss would have condemned us to the round robin where it would have been impossible to hold our seed. We played really well, with great defence as well as some fantastic defence, highlighting just how far we had improved. Everyone put 100% into this game, with no expense spared on offense and commitment. Overall a good way to end day 1 and I’d like to thank Staffordshire 2 for being a great team to play against.

Bears 4 [2 – 7] Swansea 2

First game of the second game and we did not play as well as we did against Staffordshire 2. We ignored our dump option and fell into some bad habits from day 1 such as cutting into each other’s space and effectively having to fight each other to move the disc up the pitch. Could have scored more had we not had some unfortunate drops.

Bears 4 [4 – 12] Coventry 1

The only zone of the tournament we really struggled against, and it really pegged us back. However, really good effort by the team. Some really unfortunate drops as well but got some points through our fast cuts and quick offense.

Bears 4 [5 – 6] Bangor 2

The scoreline says it all (universe point). Really gutted to lose this one as it was a really contested game and meant we slipped just below our seed. Played some fantastic Frisbee, which got really scrappy in terms of turnovers at times which made for some long points. Towards the final point though played some really spicy options which could have been avoided.

Overall I’m really pleased with how the tournament played out, there were some outstanding performances in the team and although a fair few of the passes didn’t work out, the right decisions were being made which bodes well for the future. The rate of improvement was excellent with some players who weren’t keen to handle at the start, volunteering for it in the final game. Well played bears 4, it was a pleasure to play with you and look forward to doing so again in the future. 100% no bagel record.


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