Captain’s Report: Bears 2 at UWIR 2016

Written by Jessica Hayne (club French liaison 2015-16), which captained Bears 2 at UWIR 2016.



Bears 2 [1 – 12] Bath 1

Going into this game, we knew it was going to be our hardest, as it was the first time we had properly played together, doubled with the fact that Bath 1 went on to play uBu 1 in the final, so managing to score one point against them was pretty good! Nevertheless, we managed to put into practice our tactics, opting for vertical stack on offence and man-to-man defence, with Bath’s height advantage giving them many overheard scoring options. A game full of turns, but confident in our fluid offence, and hammer point scoring opportunities, we felt ready to take on our next opponents.

Bears 2 [4 – 8] Exeter 3

After watching Warwick 1 against Exeter 1, the rivalry continued into our game, which was intense, but equally matched. We were trading points for the majority of the game, but Exeter just managed to inch ahead. Our quick grabs and speedy swing throws were great, but unfortunately our defence was lacking in the same consistency.

Bears 2 [5 – 6] Cardiff 3

An incredibly close match, with Cardiff’s winning point being scored in the last few minutes. The hammers were brought back out, with the majority of our points this game being scored from long passes, and our Flood looking a bit wobbly at the other end, which needed to be worked on.

Bears 2 [1 – 5] Plymouth 1

Not going to lie, I don’t really remember much of this game, so resorted to Twitter, but the guys hadn’t posted anything about it [note from Willem: I was tweeting the Bears 1 game which was going on at the same time, blame Felix which was supposed to be in charge of this one]. Our offence was strong, but we were let down by an unperfected Flood, and more tall Frisbee players.

Bears 2 [2 – 6] Southampton 1

Despite not winning any games on Saturday, team spirits were high on Sunday morning as there had been visible improvement, and we were beginning to find individual strengths as well as learning to communicate more as a team. After not much sleep on a Scout Hut floor, we entered Bath Sports Centre with confidence. Our Flood was looking better, as we managed to hold the Skunks passing in front of their endzone for a while.

Bears 2 [3 – 9] Cardiff 3

This was the revenge game, and after such a close game against Cardiff 3 the day before, we prepared ourselves for another equally matched battle. Despite the success of our Flood against Southampton, it was no match for Cardiff’s speed, and communication problems within our team lead to a slow set-up, meaning that they had done a quick pass into the endzone before we could get the defence on. Nevertheless, an enjoyable game!

Bears 2 [3 – 8] Cardiff 2

Seems like we really liked playing Cardiff this weekend, but it meant we knew how they worked and were ready for their quick offence up the pitch. We switched back to man in the endzone and this definitely helped, but they were overall a more experienced team with some consistent passing. Our offence remained quick and fluid, and despite many of our players falling down at many different points during both Cardiff games, everyone was quick to get up and we left feeling confident.

Bears 2 [3 – 1] Swansea 2

Maybe feeling a little too confident, a zone was briefly discussed during our team talk, but decided to stick with what we were doing best, which was tight man defence as we were a pretty speedy team. This game was definitely the most tiring, with some very long points, which were testament to both teams’ determination and stamina. But this was the first game we won, and it was a brilliant feeling, especially after such a hard-fought match against a strong team.

Bears 2 [10 – 2] Staffordshire 1

Going into our last game of the tournament, energy was running low but spirits were high after the previous game. This match displayed all the improvements that were made throughout the whole tournament, with our handlers flawlessly passing up the pitch, to some amazing grabs in the end zone. Halfway through, Staffs lost a player to a non-Warwick initiated injury and ended up iron-(wo)manning, so kudos to them, but this was by far the best game we played and a great way to end the tournament! Bears 2 went to it with the goal of improving and getting tournament experience, and despite a shaky start, everyone was playing incredibly well by the end.


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