Beginners – What Comes Next? – CV4 and Beyond – The University and Club Seasons

We’re now six weeks into the season and whilst I hope you’re enjoying trainings and the process of learning and improving at a new sport, in a week that has encouraged some existential thought, you may be wondering what it is all about.


The university season stretches from October to April and concludes with the premier event of the year, Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Nationals (CLICK HERE for results from 2016)

Final point from the Mens Final from 2016

The club has a training squad focused on preparing 3 teams (2 Mens and 1 Womens) for Nationals. We train on Wednesdays 12:00 – 2:00 and Saturdays 10:00 – 12:00 and members are expected to do strength, conditioning and throwing in their own time.

These sessions are invite only but the most committed and hard working beginners are typically invited to join this squad in the first half of Term 2. Every year at least one beginner makes the Womens team for Nationals, normally more. For Mens the club has great strength in depth this season and so making the 1sts would be an impressive achievement.

However, due to performances in last seasons BUCS league, our Mens 2nd team are guaranteed a spot at Nationals for the first time in the club’s history. In past years this 2nd team would’ve been mostly beginners, and whilst competition for places will be tougher than ever before, making this squad is an attainable goal for every member of the club.

We’ll be sending out articles on strength and conditioning in the next few weeks so that those of you who want to make a team for Nationals have all the support you need to improve as much as possible.

If you’re not that bothered, that’s fine! Most new members enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the club and like learning at a comfortable speed. Therefore, we’re always focused on creating an atmosphere that suits the casual, social (or just really busy) members as well as the most hard working and competitive.


You’ll be pleased to know that Ultimate Frisbee doesn’t hibernate for the summer once Nationals are over. The club season stretches from March to September, and is compromised of a series of weekend tournaments across the country (called the ‘Mixed, Open and Womens Tours’).

After our opening game against Buzz Bullets (Japan) at the World Championships.

After EMO’s opening game against Buzz Bullets (Japan) at the World Championships in 2014

The best teams in the country battle it out, including EMO and Punt (who will include many current and graduated Warwick players), Reading (2016 Mixed European Champions), Clapham (2011-2016 Mens European Championships) and Iceni (2010-2015 Womens European Championship).

But these same events also play host to less experienced and more developmental teams (over 100 teams enter!) including Warwick Bears. There is something awesome about spending half the day playing with your teammates and the other half watching the best teams in Europe.

By next season you might be ready to trial for and make one of the EMO or PUNT squads. By the year after you might be a club captain, and possibly part of the Great Britain 2019 U23 World Championship squad – that is totally realistic – this club has had 70+ graduates represent their Nation and 90% of them started playing at University.

For now I would focus on getting to training, listening, learning and asking questions. Your commitment and enthusiasm so far has been really impressive. Hopefully now you have a better idea of what you might be working towards.

(I can’t cover everything in a single post so please ask experienced players about Windoors, Bears Holiday, Bearsfest, Bearnefactor Cup,  BURLA, the BUCS League, World Club Championships and any other words you overhear but don’t understand 🙂 )

Next time on ‘Beginners – What Comes Next – CV4 and Beyond’ – The international community, WUGC 2016 and the US Pro Leagues.

Andrew Hillman

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