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Hi everyone hope Easter revision is treating you well!

Over the last few weeks I’m sure some of you will have heard talk of this thing called “tour” and hopefully you’ve been wondering what it is. Well keep reading and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Tour is the chance for everyone in the club to play a full weekend of outdoor Frisbee, which for the most part will be accompanied by glorious sunshine. Club teams from all around the country come and play in a three tiered tournament (A/B/C Tour) with A being the highest level. So not only do you get the chance to play, but also the chance to watch very high quality games.

With a number of the experienced players playing with other clubs it is the chance for you to take what you’ve learned this year and use it to play some awesome frizz! We have a club team called Sharkbear! which is for everyone to play in and have fun!

The tour dates are as follows:

Mixed Tour 1: Cardiff, 2nd April

Mixed Tour 2: Salford, 23rd April

Mixed Tour 3: Unknown, 14th May

Open Tour 1: St. Albans, 28th May

Open Tour 2: Nottingham, 9th July (After term)

Open Tour 3: Cardiff, 23rd July (After term)

I realize that the timings for some of these are not ideal (this is due to worlds being hosted in London this year) but it really is a great chance to play a real outdoor tournament, both for fun and in preparation for next year. Transport and accommodation with be covered as well as it possibly can by the club, so don’t worry about that when making a decision about playing.

On a personal level I can honestly say that apart from Burla (seriously go to Burla it’s amazing) this was my favourite event in my first year, playing as a team that was essentially Shakesbears was a real chance to see how much me and the rest of the Shakesbears had learned over the year and it made me truly realize how much I loved the sport!

So I really advise that you make the time for tour as you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss it! Have a good Easter and see most of you after the holidays.

Now then, now then.

Obligatory but irrelevant: Me during Easter (I can’t afford proper eggs)

Adam C.

Adam Carver

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