WIndoors ’16

Another year, another WIndoors has gone by! It’s always a great way to start the year and it was a pleasure to see all of the returning teams, I hope to see you again next year!

Here are the results:

  1. Mexican Horse Bandits
  2. Bear Minimum
  3. Danger! High Voltage
  4. Bear Code
  5. Bear Knuckle (Spirit Winners)
  6. Bounce
  7. Bears 1
  8. Leamington Lemmings
  9. Bears Inc (Plate Winners)
  10. Care Bears
  11. Afterburn
  12. HoG
  13. Bears 2
  14. Brixton Angels
  15. Jusdisc League
  16. Coventry
  17. Evolution
  18. Bears 6
  19. Bounce Bears
  20. Bears 7
  21. Bears 4
  22. Bears 3
  23. Bears 5 (Spoon Winners)
  24. Bearritas

Congratulations to Mexican Horse Bandits for coming away with the victory in a tense final that went all the way to universe point, and to Bear Knuckle for winning spirit for the 3rd year in a row!!

Full Spirit Results

Videos of recorded matches will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Warwick Bears President 2015/16

WIndoors 2016 Bear Poses


Peter Weightman

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