What’s In Store for TERM 2!?

Firstly, everyone at Warwick Bears hopes you had a relaxing Christmas, eating too much food and drinking until Jan 1st. It is now Week 15 (yes the weeks keep going over the holiday you silly freshers!) and Term 2 is upon us. So, what can we expect!?

There will of course be lots more Frisbee (Friday League anyone?), socials (Skl dayz is happening!), elections and of course, the might Bears Fest. It is undoubtedly the busiest term for pretty much everything and that’s exactly why it’s the best!

I would just like to use this time to highlight a few key things for the club.

Training this term is vital! This is where freshers who want to make the teams next year need to show commitment and really put the hours in to keep improving, it is so easy to stagnate after the initial craze dies out. You will be learning lots of new tactics and skills and so starting Wednesday I would love to see a full pack of keen THUNDERBEARS at training!

On the topic of THUNDERBEARS I have loved the enthusiasm the freshers have gone about the kit, entering tournaments etc (big shout out to Lizzie who has been the pestering Queen), and so now it is time to enjoy playing together as a team!

Probably the most important event in our year is ELECTIONS!!! I’m 27389% sure you will be sick of hearing this over the term but it is really important that the club has as many members running for positions as possible, so that the club can move forward and develop with passionate people at the realm. EVERYONE should think about running for positions and should talk to the relevant Exec members to see what each position entails (I will be doing another more detailed post about each position etc. but get thinking).

Anyway, hope your term goes smashingly and you enjoy Term 2 with us BEARS!!

Any questions about anything, we are here for you J

All the love,


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