Beginners: What to expect for the rest of the year


Hello cubs,

This year is unique in that we aren’t rushing to prepare for outdoor regionals, which is why a lot of sessions last term where spent trying (successfully I might add) to ingrain vertical stack and sideline into your brains – basically we’ve got time. That being said, all this prep can be put to good use for things later in the year. We have Tour (super-fun outdoor tournament during summer), the rest of the BUCs matches, Burla (get excited) and much more. That means this term is the term to learn.

This term will be spent learning a bunch of new offences and defenses, and then through those improving your skills (be it throwing, playing D, catching etc.) all in the effort of making you a better player. So coming to as many sessions as you can will be crucial (who knows you might miss something important).

Other than the (mostly) regular Wednesday and Saturday sessions, throwing is majorly important in first year, it’s how I and many others became better players, through lots of practice. So try to attend the sessions going on throughout the week (even if the weather sucks). Final thing is fitness, if you want to get out and learn how to sprint properly or just have a good run around then we’ll have Friday track provided there isn’t some big thing happening on the Saturday before.

Some of you may have seen that we’ve invited a few players to the BUCs training squad; this year Romit and I saw huge potential in so many freshers (it really makes teaching you guys easy – so thanks for being great!), that we had a hard time not inviting everyone. So I’d advise you all to keep at it, keep impressing us and you could be training with the BUCs squad and even play with the 2nds this term.
Right then, things to take away from this, keep coming to training, keep being great at frisbee and most importantly, keep having fun.

See y’all around.


Bears Bears Bears!

A Bear in it’s natural state at the end of term 2.


Adam Carver

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