End of Term Review (Term 1 2015)

It’s Friday Week 10 of first term and the newbies are well and truly accustomed to the ways of The Bears! So, what’s been happening….

As the Pubs and Comms Exec member it is always your responsibility to ensure a growing member base and gain as much recognition for the club as possible. With 117 members, a 25% increase from last year, it is safe to say we are a growing club. The enthusiasm from the freshers has been exciting for all us returning Bears to see, allowing us the comfort in knowing the club will continue to move forward for years to come.

Now, where to start!? As always, the term starts with beginner tournaments! These are great opportunities for beginners to get a taste of competitive ultimate and a tournament weekend; going out to the party on Saturday night, and all sleeping on the floor of a room fit for half the amount of people you have! If you want to re-live all of the awesome plays at those tournaments, check out the highlights videos!

Next up would be the new #BUCSWednesdays ! A new concept in our sport but one in which will certainly allow the sport to develop and grow further. The first team has recorded 2 wins against Oxbridge, giving hope to the rise of #Woxbridge, whilst suffering a narrow defeat to Ben Poole… sorry, Fling. This leaves us in a great position to qualify for the big tournament (Div 1 Nationals). The 2nd team has taking the league by storm winning 3/3, the last being an upwind/downwind game with #MVPTosserToby stealing the limelight. This means they have WON the league and PROMOTION to the top tier! Huge gains! No pressure for the Freshers next year then! (Calum did the Maths and it’s true, we have WON!) You can catch almost all of our BUCS league games here, big thanks to Tom for filming the home games on his nice camera!

Over to Indoors…. (Does anyone actually care about indoors?). Wait, we won silverware? INDOORS IS THE BEST!!! So an unfortunate loss to Bangor meant the Mixed team only qualified for Div 2 Nationals which they subsequently BOSSED to be crowned CHAMPIONS! Frig with the chilly lazer knife for the win. Huge congrats to the team. The women took 2 teams (almost enough for 3!) to their regionals, and the men took 4, showing the depth and size of the club (with lots of freshers keen enough to get straight involved). There were some stunning performances from all teams with the Mens 1st qualifying for Div 1 Nationals next term. Also, a huge shout out to the spirit performances in these tournaments, with the Men’s 1st team WINNING spirit at UMIR, and the Women’s 1st team coming second at UWIR by only 0.01! Lots of these games are on YouTube; Mixed Regionals (we went up against uBu 1! #thedream), Men’s Regionals (you need to watch Bears 3 vs Staffs 1), Women’s Regionals (thanks again for filming, Tom), and the Mixed Nats Final!

The FRESHER team has not been fully announced yet and the kit is under production but there are rumours of some bad weather coming. We will report back when the wind has cleared.

There have been some great socials throughout the term with Social Sec Kasey really pulling the strings. George and Will’s strong commitment to costume making has continued with a sterling effort at Star Wars POP, which was followed by some questionable antics by a few members (All in the name of RAG Week though). King Baba’s has also gone down a storm once again with two visits of 40+ members!!

Despite not getting involved in the new club hype, I think I will be shot at if Coin Snooker had not been mentioned. A new purpose of the club has been brought over from Mr Kinnear from a place far away. It has led to many arguments but the new Exec formed will surely get the new club on to stable footing for the New Year.

I realise most people have stopped reading by now, so I’m going to start wrapping up.

It has been a pleasure to be part of Warwick Bears this term, and I hope everyone else has felt the same! There has been some great commitment to training in treacherous weather, some awesome performances and hopefully some lifelong friendships formed. I look forward to seeing you all next term and at WIndoors where we can celebrate the coming of 2016!

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas filled with family and friends!

Warwick Bears

#YotB #BeartoBream

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