Bears holiday – is it for me?

I have it on good authority that Hamza has booked some fine weather for Bears Holiday – so you’d better make sure that you don’t miss out!

So, why should I go?!

To put it briefly, because it is so much fun! It’s the best way to close out the year – plying some casual ultimate and getting to know everyone so much better! You also finally get key training skills or anyone who wishes to be an awesome ultimate player:

The first key skill is learning how to destroy your opponent (with good spirit, of course!) This is taught via 2 methods, the Jamie ‘mafia’ Barr, and assassins. One, requiring the ability to convince your public that you are in fact a useless villager, whilst the other requiring ninja skills to avoid your attacker, whilst trying to kill your opponent, unless you do an ‘honest’ Joe Van, and feel guilty for killing your friends. (such a gent 😉 )

Don't forget about the awesome T-shirt!! I wonder what the design will be this year…?

Don’t forget about the awesome T-shirt!! I wonder what the design will be this year…?

The second is learning to adapt to your environment. This involves heading down to your local watery and being exposed to the conditions that Wales experiences around the time of regionals. However, with this location not really allowing discs that aren’t of the inflatable rubber variety, you will have to make sure that you make the most of the experiences by going down all the slides and having the joy of seeing Hamza looking surprisingly like Sideshow Bob…

The third skill is learning how to have complete knowledge of all things Frisbee related, for which we partake in a variety of courses. The first is training of the intellect, via the President’s quiz – knowledge is vital to do well at this one! The next, and just as important are the subsidiary sports. You may have dabbled before – but this is fully blooded macline/gritz/double disc (Which I have been told has been invented by a time traveling George Badname)/battenburg! The beach is a key element to any of these ‘disc’iplines, to ensure optimal laying conditions every time. Given Hamza’s booking for perfect weather, there will also be some opportunities for some ‘top bants’! (see Wrah)

Finally, there are also great opportunities to see just how far you can ‘wang it’ in a huuuuge field. (key skill #1 for any awesome ultimate player – a big wang)

So, to summarise – come to bears holiday for mafia, slides, beach, wangs, and bants with gals and gents! Don’t miss out!


See you there! 😀


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