Beginner’s Regionals Preparations!

Hey Bears,

As most of you know, regionals are on the horizon this term (week 8 weekend) and so much of the preparation will be geared towards this. Frig and I have been extremely impressed with the talent and keenness that you beginners have brought to the club this year. Now Iā€™d like to bring to your attention all the opportunities you have to progress and improve even further.

So that we can all improve individually there will be weekly throwing and fitness sessions. The throwing sessions will be done slightly differently this term and will cater to everyone who wants to throw this term regardless of your timetable (more info on this to come soon). Fitness is extremely important for outdoor tournaments and this is even truer for regionals. You need to be able to rely on your stamina during a long and fast paced game. Therefore, weekly track sessions and conditioning on the field are recommended and will be offered (once again more info to follow).

For those players who demonstrate commitment and improvement we will invite them to the current 12-2pm session that will become our first team training session for Regionals. If you demonstrate a commitment to improving you have a strong chance of making this squad and even the final selected team. We expect potential first team players to attend at least one throwing session, one fitness session each week; and to attend as many Wednesday and Weekend (likely to be Sunday this term) sessions as they can.

If you work harder than any given experienced player you will become better and make the 1st or 2nd team before them at Regionals so I encourage you to have a go and just watch how quickly you improve.

See you all at throwing and fitness sessions this week!


Romit Patel

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