2nd Term Expectations

With the indoor season finally over for the vast majority of people, focus will now, obviously, be turned towards preparation for outdoor regionals. With only 8 weeks to go, we aren’t left with a massive amount of time so we all need to make the most of them.

Frig and I will be looking to make our first and second team fairly early on this term. This means we are looking out for players’ commitment to personal self-improvement and team trainings. We expect experienced players aiming to play at regionals to go out throwing at least once a week at an absolute minimum and make their best effort to attend as many team trainings as possible. This will not only prove your commitment but also help to make you a stronger all round player, which is essential for outdoor ultimate. We have another year’s worth of very good players that have quickly improved. They will easily take your spot if you don’t put the effort into improving and they do!

So for the rest of term we want to see people at Wednesday trainings ready and willing to train hard. Alongside this we want to see everyone putting in the effort to go throwing and do fitness each week.

Looking forward to training with you all,


Romit Patel

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