Bears 2 Mixed Indoor Regionals Captain’s Report 2014

On behalf of Victor.

Bears 2: Victor, Ken, Matt, Jun Rong, Chris, I-Wen, Jess, Leia and Shin.

Captain’s Report Mixed Indoor Regionals Bears 2

Ubu 1 14-2 Bears 2

Probably the ‘easiest’ game of the tournament, we knew facing Ubu would be a hard challenge. Both sides had a few turnovers at the start, but Ubu managed to use their experience against us. We tried running the weave but ubu shut it down pretty easily. Most of the points they converted were through quick turns but we managed to steal a few points to brighten our day. Overall, it was a good experience playing against the best team in the region.

Keele 2 1-14 Bears 2

One of the simpler games of the tournament. We managed to play against their zone and beat it fairly easily. On their part, they were unable to beat Matt’s beautiful force, which caused many turnovers. It was a good game after the difficult game against ubu and we left happily.

Swansea 1 7-6 Bears 2

The closest game so far. We were unable to break their zone and quickly went down 0 3. However with a couple of knives and some proper flow, we managed to keep the game within 3 points at all times. With a last burst of effort, we put on a specular defense and quick but chill O. And managed to convert the next 2 points. Unfortunately, time was not on our side and they managed to sneak away with the win.

Cardiff 3 1-15 Bears 2
Toughest game we fought all day with both teams trading. Nah I’m just kidding. Pretty easy game with good flow except for one point. Erhem ken. But it was well played and an enjoyable game.

Bangor 1 2-12 Bears 2

We knew this game we had to turn it on so that we wouldn’t face (and beat) bears 1 in the crossover. And luckily for them, we did. We were just too fast and too good and the girls’ defense was amazing. Bangor had no answer. They thought that our girls were weaker and hence called 3 girls on the line, but our girls were spectacular and it became an advantage for us instead. Woo hoo great way to end day 1.

Cardiff 2 7-6 Bears 2

Going into the game we had pretty high confidence beating Cardiff and managed to get a 2 point lead. However Cardiff managed to break our zone with some difficulty and drew 2 -2. Traded points through the game and after 1 very long point Cardiff managed a break and that was the deciding break. We were suppose to face bears 1 in the crossover but since we won the 3 way tie between Cardiff and bangor, it meant we were 5th seed and and had to face 4th seed staff instead of bears. Lucky bears 1.

Staff 9-5 Bears 2

Tough game. Strong handlers; strong receivers. They had both the height and experience advantage so it was tough for us. We tried a little zone but they broke it easily. However we were able to work the disc through their zone pretty well but rushed it at the end, which caused the turnovers. We managed a couple of D’s and snuck in a few points but ultimately their trademark iso play won them the game.  We were hoping to face ubu 1 in the finals and reach div 1 but I guess our dream is all over now ):

Keele 1 8-9 Bears 2

We had to win this game to keep our hopes alive for div 2. And we played amazingly well. Our iso play was unmatched and they had to answer to our offense. We forced them to turn over quite a few times, which gave us a 5 point lead. However we felt that it was too easy to make it to div 2 so we decided to let them make a comeback. They used their experienced girls effectively, and managed to close the gap to 8-8 to force sudden death. Fortunately we decided not to give them any more chances in sudden death and a Matt hammer grab won us the game. And we battle on for div 2.

Cardiff 1 7-5 Bears 2

This was the game we wanted to win the most. We had an excellent first point before they came back with 2 of their own. Many calls in this game and we tried to settle them quickly. However I think frustration got the better of us and we were unable to recover from the one break deficit. Our man D could have been better as they got many easy points from hucks. It was a good game to end the tournament. Though we didn’t make div 2, it was an excellent effort by the team. I think the blame for not winning should go to bears 1 for not sidelining us and instead, playing their game to go against staff for div 1. Boo. Whats wrong with playing div 2, bears 1?!

All in all, cheers Bears 2 for the amazing weekend. I hope you all have learned something valuable and strive to improve in the future. See you all at training soon!

Ed Vinnicombe

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