Bears 2 Men’s Indoor Regionals Captain’s Report 2014

On the 1st and 2nd of November, we took 3 teams to regionals. Bears 2 was; Me (C), Tobias (VC), Calum, Carver, JLaw, Jun Rong, Kendal (on the Sunday), Matt and Win. Here’s how we got on (from what I can remember)..


Game 1: Group Game (6v15) vs. Swansea 2 (11-4 Win)

I think we went 0-2 down off the rip but we improved our offence were able to put a zone on that Swansea struggled against. Once we got into the swing of our 2-1-2 offence, Swansea couldn’t really keep up with us.

Game 2: Group Game (6v12) vs. Aberystwyth (8-4 Win)

This was a really enjoyable game, we traded to 3/4 all and then ran away with it. The first half was really tough with both teams playing good O and D, but somebody made the inspired decision to switch from zone to man and Aber couldn’t handle it. This was my most tiring match of the tournament and I think everyone was the same so I called a timeout just to get some rest for us! I was really proud of the way we able to pick up the intensity half way through this match and keep it up all the way to the end!

Game 3: Group Game (6v17) vs. Bangor 2 (11-0 Win)

Can’t really remember this but they really struggled against our zone and we were able to play some good frisbee, getting a comfortable Varis over Bangor 2.

Game 4: Group Game (6v3) vs. Cardiff 1 (?-? Loss)

Can’t remember any of this so instead I’ll use this space to say go and do some kit designs! 🙂


Game 5: Crossover (6v11) vs. Bangor 1 (5-4ish Loss)

We came into this knowing they’d be a tough team to beat and would be playing a quick 2-1-2 so we decided to come out with man D. We were able to shut them down really well at the start, getting turns and were able convert a break for the first point of the game. Bangor broke back and got to 3-2, where we made uncharacteristic errors against their zone and then had a few miscommunications on defence with our flood – or lack thereof. They took the game away from us extending their lead to 5-2, when I decided to call a timeout (I think). After that we played much better, bringing the score back to 5-4 and generating turns consistently but the time pressure got to us and we got too panicked, throwing overheads that weren’t really on. I feel like if there was an extra 5 minutes to this game or if I’d taken the timeout a bit earlier we could’ve taken this but hindsight is 20/20 and it definitely taught me a lot that will make me a better captain in the future.

Game 6: 11v14 QF vs. Worcester (8-4ish Win)

Worcester couldn’t really stop our 2-1-2, but throw aways on offence and errors in our zone defence in the first half meant that we couldn’t get much going and traded to about 3 or 4 all. We stepped up our offence and switched to man D and took the game away, putting lots of pressure onto Worcester who resorted to risky long shots.

Game 7: 10v11 SF vs. Coventry 1 (3-2ish Win)

This was the first time we changed our starting line, swapping me for Ken and the first point lasted an epic five and a half minutes mainly due to unforced errors from both sides. We put in a couple more goals than them and took the 3-2ish Varis but we could’ve won by more if we hadn’t made so many unforced errors.

Game 8: 9v10 F vs. Cardiff 2 (4-5ish Loss)

We came out strong converting on a break once again. Our zone defence was solid but Cardiff were very patient and worked the disc up the pitch really well. We got an early lead at 4-2 but they brought it back to 4-4. The 9th point was another epic battle but resulted in Cardiff getting the score with 20 seconds remaining. Adam threw a huge hammer just before the buzzer but it didn’t connect.


Overall, we played some really good ultimate throughout but were also plagued by unforced errors. I had the pleasure of being the captain for Bears 2 at midlands warmup and since then, our 2-1-2 vastly improved, which was great to see! Jun Rong was awesome in the iso position and Ken especially did a great job throwing overheads to him. Our zone destroyed the 2nd teams and lower seeded 1st teams we played but still needed some work in the mid and chaser’s mate positions. Having said that, Tobias did a great job as chaser’s mate, Matt, JLaw, Adam and Calum were beasts as forces and JLaw, Win and Matt dominated as deeps so it shouldn’t take long for us to get it working well even against the top teams. One final thing for improvement would be to try to stay calm and not let it get to us when we are playing against good teams and go down by a couple of points, this is something that I’ll definitely to work on noticing early and rectifying if I’m chosen as captain for anything again, but it’s also something we can do as players from the sideline or between points.

Our MVP was Jun Rong and our MIP was Win. Well done to you guys and well played everyone else too! Also, Tobias did a great job as vice captain and did pretty much all of my job for me apart from the spirit circle speeches and this report, so thanks for the help in that department! #newdreamteam

There’s always next year for our div 2 dreams… Or Outdoors! #beartobream

Bears 2 at WWUMIR 2014

Bears 2 at WWUMIR 2014

Peter Weightman

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