SIFL Beginners Bears 2 Captain’s Report

A week after the club’s successful trip to Sheffield beginners tournament where we finished an awesome 2nd and 6th, we took two beginners teams to SIFL beginners tournament in Wolverhampton. I captained Bears 2 with Ed and our beginners were; Andreas, Willem, Sam, David, Jamie, Ben and Matt.

Game 1: (Pool Game) vs OAPs (Loss)

This was a team of all experienced players, supposedly to show the beginners what it’s like to play against good players or something. We got beaten by quite a lot – as you’d expect – and only scored one point, partly due to them being relatively competent on D and partly due to us rushing our throws a bit too much on O. Our defence as always was pretty good though and the match didn’t count for anything anyway.

Game 2: (Pool Game) vs Stallions A (Loss)

This team, as we found out in our post-match spirit circle, was much more experienced than our players (a year or so I think) so we also came away with a loss here but there was some improvements. We wanted to concentrate on not throwing as many deep shots here and working the disc up the pitch instead. This was more successful than the previous game however they were still a bit rushed and there were a few drops as you’d expect with players who have only 2 and a bit weeks experience. As always.. #OurManDWasSolid.

Game 3: (Pool Game) vs STUFT (3-3 Tie)

This was a really low scoring game, meaning really long, intense points due to both of our teams’ good defence and rushed offence. We had the disc with about 30 seconds left on the clock but tried jamming the disc in and didn’t manage to get the W. But goal difference means we took 2nd in our pool and were put into a crossover for a space in the top 4.

Game 4: (Crossover to top 4) vs Stallions B (Loss)

We had played their other team earlier and knew it was going to be a tough match. We weren’t able to get a win here either but they were just a more experienced team and we showed flashes of great offence and defence throughout the game.

Show Game!

Me, Matt and Ed were all involved in the show game, which I found really enjoyable and hopefully the freshers enjoyed watching us Bears playing some nice frisbee. Ed and I ended on 5 pts and Matt just edged us out with 6 in the fantasy.

Game 5: (5v6 final) vs Dean Ultimate (Win)

This was the final game and we really wanted to finish on an odd by beating this experienced team. Dean are a team made up of some young kids and some guys who have all been playing for a while so we knew that their throws would be good and they would know their stuff but we planned to tire them out and stay nice and calm on offence. That was exactly what we did and after trading a couple of points, we pulled ahead and never let them back into the game. We were able to come away with the Varis here meaning we finished in 5th place!

Overall, both teams did really well finishing 3rd and 5th, only losing to teams who weren’t really beginners. I hope you all enjoyed your first or maybe second taste of competitive Ultimate at a tournament and are proud of your progress from the first to the last game. Keep coming along to all of our training sessions and throwing sessions and you’ll soon be dominating the beginners tournaments your freshers team goes to in the coming year! Also, well done to Ben on being voted Bears 2 MVP and David for MIP! 🙂

Bears at SIFL Beginners

Bears at SIFL Beginners

Peter Weightman

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