Publicity and Communication 2014/2015

This year me and Tina are the Publicity and Communication Officers. In particular it is our job to oversee the club’s concerted effort to advertise Warwick Bears and Ultimate Frisbee to the Warwick University Community. We will be building on last years’ good work of Sam and Hamza who built upon the good work of Rory and Rosina before them! You heard a few of my ideas in my speech so I’d like to outline the publicity plan for this coming year and you can see which ideas were kept and which were scrapped.

As you read this, please really think about these ideas and critique them for us. Everyone will have an opinion on every idea about how effective it will be, how it should be run and what could be improved. Specifics are welcome even though I haven’t included how we’re currently planning to specifically run each idea.

The theme for our campaign is to be Ambitious. Hamza mentioned in his speech that he wanted everyone to know of Warwick Bears, which may not be completely attainable but we’ll aim for it and it’s definitely ambitious. I feel Me and Tina’s position is integral to this and for us to be effective as possible we need YOU!

Our Campaign Ideas:

  • Flyering on Arrivals Weekend, this is a standard thing that every sports club will do. It’ll take a couple of hours in teams/pairs but we’ll aim to flyer every kitchen on campus and obviously talk to as many Freshers’ as possible to encourage them to join.
  • Sports Fair, standard for all Sports Clubs and difficult to really shine. We’ll aim to have a really impressive stand with lots of pictures and laptops with videos playing. For me it’ll come down to lots of volunteers so we can spread out and try to chat to everyone. We’ll be handing out business cards and leaflets! If anyone knows of good strategies they’ve thought of or saw last year when walking around please tell us!
  • Campus Presence, this will be getting everyone to be visible on campus for the first couple of weeks. Our shirts especially are incredibly unique this year and are very visible. Included in this will be throwing/matches near the busiest walkways with people flyering on the sidewalk. The easiest way to explain the sport to Freshers’ is whilst they’re see the sport in action.
  • Postering Campus, I’m not sure if this one is possible and I’m going to have to ask, but there is no harm in asking. But inspired by Bebe from the elections, if we can get as many posters (being a player’s profile with info at the bottom or a large version of the flyer or a specifically created poster) around campus as possible it will increase visibility. All year round I see them for things like RAG, Elections and SU Events. I don’t see why we can’t also get permission to poster places. I’m talking about main walkways or places like the Library, SU, Library Road Lamp posts and places like the Maths Building, Science Concourse and Ramphal Building.
  • Social Media, this is posting on the Freshers’ groups to advertise and using Twitter similarly.
  • The Big Screen on the Piazza, this hopefully will be a great addition to our publicity this year and Tina’s been making a specific video for the screen. I think every sports club will probably be doing the same so I don’t know how much airtime we’ll get if there’s 30 videos on a loop everyday but it’ll help none the less.
  • Finally there’s a few minor things that aren’t as big. I’m currently working on a post for the front page of the website for Freshers’ to encourage and be informative to Freshers’. There’s a new WS website which we’ve sent off for our section to be updated. And Player profiles are coming along nicely but as an ongoing project which has become a real team effort with alot of help from Hamza (which I’m very grateful for).

Ok so now, I’d like you to think about Publicity you’ve seen around Campus. From your first year, 2nd year or even your 6th year (Frigate) and tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like so we can have a really fantastic year promoting our club. I’d like you critique our ideas and tell us if you like them or if you don’t like them. You can do this by commenting under the post on facebook or this post on the website or messaging me or Tina. Just speak your mind as every idea will help and none of them are invalid. Please also discuss other people’s ideas that they’ve commented! If you don’t agree then say and it’ll help.

STAYERS– I’d like to add that could you think about coming up fairly soon after Burla. Most of us come back on the 23rd. Term starts on the 29th! And Arrivals Weekend is the 27th/28th which we’ll need help for and you can’t leave it just to the exec! I’d encourage you to come back earlier than term as you can hang around with your housemates or throw and play pick up games with Bears!

Ed Vinnicombe

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