Tour 2 Guide and 5 Simple Ways To Get The Most From The Weekend

Sharkbear 1: (9:30 24, 10:50 24, 1:30 23, 2:50 23)

Sharkbear 2: (10:50 19, 12:10 19, 2:50 19, 4:10 19)

Other games I’d recommend checking out :

Iceni v SYC (10:40 1),  Chevron v Fire 1 (3:40 1), Clapham O v Chevron (5:20 1), EMO 1 v Zimmer (2:00 2), Cult 1 v Devon 1 (3:40 14), EMO 2 v Irish Under 20s (9:00 8),

Whilst Sharkbear! tend to take a more relaxed attitude to Tour than Bears do to most University tournament, there are opportunities to improve between the fun having. Each player should be looking to take away as much as possible from the weekend, so take it seriously, work hard and play the best frizz you’ve ever played.

1) “Excentuate the Positives”- What is your biggest strength as a player? What role do you play the best or based on your skill set (throwing ability, speed, height, strength etc.) what role do you think you be best at. Think about this, ask experienced players if you’re not sure, and then master this skill at the weekend. If you think it’s playing great handler defence tell your captain to put you against handlers and then work your hardest whenever they’re the dump. Similarly if you think it’s cutting from back of stack get to that position on each pull and be the player to start the offence off each time. We have small squads this weekend and trying 100% the entire time is unrealistic but putting 100% into one aspect definitely is. Pick this one.

2) “Take a sad song and make it better”- Simply think about what you do worst and try and improve. You should always be doing this but just take a little more time to think about your weaknesses.

3) “Every now and then…” Count your turnovers. I have always done this and if I ever forget then I’m doing something wrong. For each turnover, think about why it happened. Was it a miss-communication, a throwing error, a poor decision, a progression error (these are the very common with freshers, not looking at a dump early enough or not noticing a cut until it’s too late and throwing behind them, generally not running through a calm aware 10 second progression in your head) and then simply make sure the next turnover is for a different reason. Turnovers will happen, if you don’t turn at all you’re probably being too conservative but make sure you think carefully about them each time.

4) “And at last I see the light…” Watch Clapham and Iceni. Particularly watch one player and SEE WHAT THEY’RE DOING DIFFERENTLY TO YOU because that is all you need to learn to become that good. It sounds too simple to be true but it’s not.

5)  “Have you ever seen the wolf cry…” Each team will bring different styles and tactics. Each team will do something really well and something horribly. Work out what these things are, you can learn a lot from that too.

AND FINALLY secret 6) bring suncream, it’s going to be a Grove Farm like we’ve never seen before 🙂



Andrew Hillman

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