Mixed Tour 2 final – Bear Cavalry vs. Cambridge 1 #watchitwednesday

It was around 5:00pm on the 13th of April, a momentous day for sport, earlier Liverpool had moved one step closer to the premier league title with a 3-2 win over Man City, Hull were on there way to a first FA cup final after an incredible 5-3 win over Sheffield United and, later that evening, across the pond Bubba Watson would go on to win his second green jacket. However despite these incredible displays the real action of the day was to be found on a windy field in Nottingham, where Mixed Tour 2 was coming to a close with the final between Cambridge 1 and Bear Cavalry, we join the action after Bear Cavalry had just taken the first point.

Here is a link to the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl9IAj_RoY8

Bear Cavalry 1 – 0 Cambridge

Getting this first point was a huge boost for Bear Cav as not only was it a great way to start but it was also upwind giving them an enormous advantage. The next ten points see Cambridge and Bear Cav only score downwind showing the importance of that early score. Despite this wind both teams stick with man defence, this is evidently successful as it, along with the wind, forces both teams into poor throws and drops. Due to the difficulty of the wind and strong man defence, working the disc up the pitch stopped becoming a reliable option, so we see both teams resort to Huck and D, a tactic many Bears 2 & 3 players are familiar with. Although this does give territorial advantages the majority of hucks were incomplete, leading to many scrappy points, this is partially due to more great defence and the use of poaches. For a large number of points Cambridge played with a deep poach, stopping the accurate hucks of Bear Cav, a poach was also used to stop both teams’ sideline play, a favourite with all Bears, by positioning a poach in the space between the stack and sideline they stopped the disc from being jammed up the line.

Bear Cavalry 6 – 5 Cambidge

It’s at this point that Bear Cav start to pull away, some more excellent defence, forcing Cambridge to swing the disc but not gain any ground, combined with excellent continuations up the line meant that Bear Cav had soon established a 11 – 5 lead after five straight points on the trot. Although all these points were scored very efficiently I can’t help but feel that Cambridge had their force broken just a little too easily at times, in fact for some points I couldn’t really tell which way they were forcing at all. The match finished 12 – 6, a deserved victory for the Bears, in a well spirited final.

Final score:
Bear Cavalry 12 – 6 Cambridge

Points of Discussion:

Sould either team have tried a zone to mix things up, if not why?

Were you surprised by the number of drops?

What played a bigger factor in causing turnovers, the wind or the defence?

Matthew Kirk

Social Sec 14/15, Women's Coach 15/16

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