GB v Sweden (Show Game) #watchitwednesday

Game link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7hIgQodizA


A few hours early but here is this week’s #watchitwednesday game review. This week’s game is an International match-up between European rivals GB and Sweden. ‘London Calling’ 2012 saw numerous international teams come to UK as part of their preparations for WUGC 2012 in Japan. In a repeat of the controversial European Championships 2011 final, GB faced Sweden in a show game on the Saturday evening. Naturally it isn’t the most intense game you will ever see, but includes some great plays and interesting talking points.


08:10 – “Ten Seconds of D”

As the disc is brought up to the line we see Sweden set up with a sort of split/side stack. They create lots of space in front of the disc, isolating a cutter to cut deep from the break side and then under into the open side. Unfortunately for Sweden the player to the right of the disc appears to vacate the space too late, preventing the throw to the isolated cutter. When he is then marked out trying to get the reset, the Swedish handler is out of options and is forced to rush a forward throw. So is it great D or poor O? I think the answer is probably both. Notice how the force and the dump defender work together to stop the reset. Notice also how the defenders on the right side work together to stop the deep shot being an option. This does allow a receiver to get free under but the stall seems to be so high that it doesn’t go. So GB make the most of some imperfect offensive timing and create enough pressure to force a throwaway.


13:05 – “Slick Offense (Almost)”

For a few sections of the game both offenses are a bit stop-start. At 13:05 however, GB play some very fluent offense, working up the pitch with high-percentage throws and never holding the disc for more than about 6 seconds. Only an unfortunate drop (or was it a dodgy throw?!) means they are not rewarded for some fine play.


17:55 – “Difficult throws are difficult”

The players in this game are the best in the country at throwing and catching Frisbees, but even they turn over when they try overly difficult throws. One example is at 17:55, the receiver is cutting away from almost in line with the disc and there is very small amount of space for the handler to aim for. Other examples include 26:40. It is a show game though and they do also connect a lot of great throws so I’m not saying they shouldn’t have gone for it, but it is a reminder for us to think about the difficulty of throws we attempt.


Hopefully watching this video will provide some more encouragement to anyone unsure about playing Tour this summer. This year many of the top club teams from across Europe will be coming to London Calling so make sure you take the opportunity to watch some top quality Ultimate if you are coming. Also, when you’ve finished exams make sure to watch the ‘serious’ GB v Sweden semi-final from WUGC 2012 and compare it to this show game.


Discussion Questions

At 08:10, is it great D or poor O? Is it possible to have one without the other?

At 13:05, what do GB do differently and why don’t they look this smooth more often?

(Freshers and Kieran only) Who is missing from this game?

Samuel Hawkins

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