Football World Cup Sticker Collections

Football World Cup Sticker Collections

If you are already part of the sticker collecting revolution that’s sweeping the nation then go to the forum and post names of players you need. If you haven’t yet discovered the joy of placing pictures of sportspeople into a book, then have a read of my top 5 reasons why you should get involved…


5. The search for Daley Blind… The Dutch defender Daley Blind is proving elusive. The reward for his capture: all the gold in Scotland.

4. Unexplainable joy… It’s difficult to describe the enjoyment experienced when opening a packet of stickers. Rob Terrett puts it well:

“I had assumed you were overstating it but there certainly is a rush of excitement when you see their faces for the first time.”

3. Trade your way to the top… Rumour has it that influential frisbee players around the country are also collecting World Cup stickers. Sometimes being able to drive doesn’t quite get you the dream final spot on that A tour or University First Team. Fortunately, having some rare football stickers to trade might just swing the decision in your favour.

Robbie Tink (yellow hat) makes a late bid for the 23-man England squad.

2. Feel part of the action… A chosen few among us are elite athletes, performing at the top of our chosen sport in an international tournament this Summer. For the rest of us, the closest we might get (this year) is owning some paper forms of such highly valued sportspeople. Until the day Panini produce a sticker album featuring Robbie Tink, World Cup footballers will have to suffice.

1. Michael Carrick’s career is not over… I’m sure many of you saw Roy’s England team selection and noticed one glaring error: the omission of Michael Carrick. Fear not. The good people at Panini made no such mistake and included England’s most reliable midfielder. When England are inevitably struggling to keep possession in Brazil, we can look to our sticker albums and dream of what could have been had Carrick been out there.

Roy Hodgson suddenly realises he’s left a crucial name off the teamsheet.

To cut a long story short, I’m a few players short of completing some teams and I’m hoping some Bears can help me out! Head to the forum to discuss potential swaps 😀

Samuel Hawkins

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