Bears vs Disc Doctors (UOON 2014 Pool Game) #watchitwednesday

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Disc Doctors (Imperial) came 3rd in South East regionals (meaning they came below Sussex 2 somehow) to qualify for div 1, they started the tournament seeded 16th, and ended in 10th. They have some strong players with members of; Clapham, Cambridge, Fire and Ka-Pow in their squad and Bears were missing big names in Sam Hawkins, Joe van de Wiel and Rob Terrett, however some very capable Bears 2 players got the call up to fill their boots. Also worth noting is that Frigate (EMO) was sporting a new camo hat this weekend.



The first few points in the video were a bit scrappy with both teams turning over more than they’d like. On O, Warwick mostly played V-Stack and it looks like Imperial were mostly playing 3-4. On D, both teams mainly played man, although I think Bears played Japan D with a poach off the far cutter into the deep space for at least one of the Imperial possessions and Imperial put a poach into the lane during the Bears sideline play at least twice. Later on in the game Bears play an Arrowhead zone on D, however Imperial managed to navigate through it without too much difficulty. The game ended 7-5 to Bears.


Best Play: 6:00 to 6:20

This starts off with a great interception by Romit in our endzone, quickly passing to Andy who hucked it to Zak who boxed out two tall Imperial players to bring the disc down and pop it up to Felix in the endzone for the score. Unfortunately, someone called travel on Andy so it had to go back to him but it was a great play nonetheless!


Best Imperial Point: 15:30 to 15:40 and 16:40 to 17:20

The sections from 15:30 to 15:40 and 16:40 to 16:50 are both Bears possessions running the sideline play but Imperial shut both down really well, forcing difficult throws in the wind, which ultimately end in turnovers. At 15:30 you can see the guy to the right of Andy poaching off P-money into the lane and the guy marking Zak – who is at the front of the stack – also poaches so that he can cover the up the line throw if Zak cuts there. This forces P-Money to run back towards our own endzone but the forcer on Rory does a really good job to make that throw difficult. The same thing happens again at 16:40, with the random guy in the blue coat (their coach maybe?) side-lining for the force, getting him to cover the around throw so well that P-Money has to try throwing it deep. This was followed by Imperial hucking it into the endzone, where it was a hugely mis-matched 1v1 between a tall Disc Doctor and P-Money (I know how that feels!).


Best Warwick Point: 22:30 to 23:15

Frigate starts off trapped on the sideline but is able to put in a huge low-release flick to Kris, who was being poached off the same way Zak was earlier on in the game. This was followed by another low flick to gain lots of yards down field to Zak. A small pass to Andy was followed by a big huck down to Kris at the edge of the endzone, where P-Money easily got free for the score.

Recently there was an article on Understanding Ultimate about give and go handler cuts. There is a good example of this if you watch Romit from 4:10, he gets the disc, throws it back to Andy and runs at 45 degrees towards the sideline, gets the disc back, his marker is trailing behind him giving him masses of room for the backhand and his momentum is in the direction of his pivot allowing to throw it quickly to P-Money up the line, gaining yards, and it’s a simple pop to Andy for the score. Another example, although it’s only the go part of the give and go, is Andy from 19:00; Andy starts of in line with Rory, cuts at 45 degrees towards the sideline, gets the disc and is able to throw it quickly to Felix in the endzone.


1) Bears sideline play

a) If we are shut down like in the sections 15:30 to 15:40 and 16:40 to 16:50 due to good D or wind (or both) what could we do to get ourselves out of trouble?

b) The bounce and cuts before the handler picks up the disc have helped to improve the play but is there anything else we could do to beat a side that know our tactics such as another team at regionals or if hypothetically Shakesbears were to play Bear Code or Care Bears at a charity tournament?

2) Give and go handler cuts http://understandingultimate.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/give-and-go-where/

a) I looked through the video for examples of Bears doing this and it worked pretty much every time, but the majority of the time the handler stayed back after swinging the disc. Should we work on this in training to make it second nature to automatically do it or are there times when it’s better not to do so?

Peter Weightman

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