UMIN2014 Warwick against Leeds Review-#watchitwednesday

So my review is of a crossover game from UMIN2014 (University Mixed Indoor Nationals 2014) against Leeds University. I know it’s not a semifinal or a final but it’s a close game (final score 6-5, buzzer goes at 5-5) and it’s not without highly contested calls.

The start of the game is riddled with drops, be it nerves or because it was Sunday morning but they seemed catchable to me. I think the score 6-5 is harsh on the offense on display in this game but it only takes one person to take their eye off the disc for a second for the point not to be scored which is definitely something to think about as it’s easier said than done!

The offense from both teams was to work the disc up the pitch and get the score, through general play and then running an endzone play. I’d say Leeds were much more happy in general play to hit the deep options where as Warwick liked to play those overhead throws (Scoobers and Hammers). With regard to offence, both teams were playing a well-drilled set-up and may swap it slightly near the endzone. Warwick played a 2-1-2, formation with most of the work happening with first three players using the pitch to work the disc up until they got to the endzone and then those 2 endzone players would get free for the score. Leeds played a split stack type of offense with 2 people stacked up on the side-line the disc was on, 1 person on the opposite side-line and a dump. So they hadn’t clogged up the deep like Warwick, hence were able to hit some deep shots for a quick score (which is what happened a few occasions including the first point).

Although the offense was very good but just not clinical enough I believe this is partly due to the defence of both teams being so strong and taking away the options. Both teams played man to start with, Warwick were forcing flick/sidearm and Leeds forcing to the sides however in a bid to change the game both teams mixed it up. Warwick played a zone for a point at 11.50 and Leeds changed to a straight backhand force. From what saw I think this was both teams reacting to the game, Warwick’s zone was to reduce the deep shot option and Leeds’ backhand force was to slow down the overhead Warwick throws. However the Warwick zone was well worked through by Leeds and Warwick still got a lot of scoobers out against the Leeds’ backhand force.

From what I could see, the offense team on each point dictates the number of males/females of their line of which the other team must match that. This led to both teams using their stronger assets. The Leeds’ girls were much taller and stronger than Warwick’s which meant they played 3 girls every time they called the line and utilised their girls very well. On the other hand though, Warwick chose 3 males on their line every time who were superior to the Leeds’ guys and Warwick used that advantage very effectively.

Finally I’d like to choose my best players for each team in this game;
For Leeds, I’ve chosen #30. She scores the first point with a deep cut and then in the second point makes a very nice D. Throughout the game she was making nice cuts for her team and marking very effectively on defence. At one stage, she comes back to help handle and handles very patiently. A very good all round performance in my opinion and my player of the match.

For Warwick, I’ve chosen Madi, for her intense D. She marked out #30 for Leeds very well in the middle of the game, and got some great D’s throughout the game, which I feel gave Warwick the edge in such a tight game.

So that’s my review on the game on things that I wanted to comment on and what I saw when I watched the game! But I would like you all to post below what you thought on the game, if you agree with what I’ve said above and on anything else that happened such as the ‘out’ call at 20.42.

Topics to discuss:

What zone was Warwick playing? And what do you think about both teams sticking to man in such a tight game?

Both teams progressed significantly throughout this game and it seemed both teams started slowly/sleepily. Is there any advice or rituals from experienced players that they use to make sure they’re ready and alert for every game? Including the 9am on a Sunday games?

The ‘out’ call at 20.42, the guideline rope is hard to see and the Leeds player gets in the way on the camera angle. First of all is it an ‘out’ call? If so what’s your opinion on the call?

The tactics used by both teams, any experienced player talk us through what they thought about Leeds offensive tactic? 

And anything else I’ve missed or people want to discuss!

Ed Vinnicombe


    • It’s tough, but I think you’re right, good feet! One thing I’ve realised is that I still don’t know exactly how in/out calls work, did you contest the call there or did he retract it?

      • Their argument was that the defender dragged the tape away when he laid out, which meant I was in but wouldn’t have been otherwise. I think I would have been in anyway but that doesn’t really matter. Eventually it was decided that the tape is “the line” so the play was “in” and they retracted the call. Goal didn’t stand because their player stopped to make the call.

  1. We’d had a lot of success earlier on the first day with playing FSU (our man-zone hybrid you see in the game) when opposite teams played 3 girls. In general with only two men on the pitch the other team really struggled to stretch the zone so we could keep lots of players close to the disc causing pressure. Leeds however played very well against it.

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