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I will declare immediately that my agenda with this post is to try and convince as many people as possible to go to Burla this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to articulate why I’m so enthusiastic about this event since “because I say so” has never been a valid argument with you lot.

It may be hard to imagine but I was not the most talkative, confident or integrated member of the club during first year. Many members of the club will admit to not knowing who I was until Regionals or in one case Burla itself. In fact I never got invited to play for the Beginners team of the year Bearcode because they thought I was a 2nd year. For me Ultimate was a sport that I enjoyed quite a lot (I didn’t love it yet because I wasn’t very good yet and that makes a big difference) but didn’t feel very comfortable socially around the other members. When I went to socials I think I was mostly a spectator and I remember thinking that everyone had found their friendship groups within the club and it wouldn’t be easy to squeeze into one (something that was only true in my own head: the club remains remarkably uncliquey considering its size).

Presumably I chose to go to Burla because it sounds like a great idea. A week of relaxing on the beach, playing Ultimate and having a good time at a really affordable price and just before the start of the new University year. I had an incredible week, made new friends that are now some of my closest and got to play beach Ultimate on the banks of the Mediterranean; a notion so idyllic it has to be experienced to be understood. That week a short conversation with Kat and Kieran first made me consider the idea of running for Vice-Captain (which of course I did).

It is possible that I would’ve integrated into the club just the same in the end. All I know is that when we got back to Uni for that pre-season training I felt so much more comfortable and the club has meant so much more to me ever since. If you want this club can engulf your life (from experience I strongly recommend it) and it’s weeks like this that you will never forget.

That week was probably the 2nd best of my entire life. The 1st came exactly a year later when we returned (for 8 days this time, don’t be the fools that go for 6).  The minimum you’ll get at Burla is a great holiday, the most you could get is a whole lot more.

In the words of Rob Terrett “DO IT!!!”


Beach Bears and Sharkbear! in 2012. Robbie Tink still has hair!
Beach Bears and Sharkbear! in 2012. Robbie Tink still has hair!

Andrew Hillman

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  1. Just thought I’d add to my quote above…really really do it! It sounds absolutely incredible and I have spent so much of this year jealous of all the jokes, stories and fun I’d missed. Seriously, the unrelenting abuse you get for not going is nothing compared to how annoyed you are at yourself. Last year I didn’t listen hard enough to Kerswell when he warned me, and someone probably won’t listen to me this year. Don’t let it be you!

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