UMIN Captain’s Report

Bears went into UMIN slightly unsure of what to expect after only one training session all term. Many of the scores below are approximate.

Group game v Bristol Like pretty much every game at this tournament it was really close. I don’t remember much of it but I think we sneaked into a two point lead and just about kept in front. WIN 7-5

Group game v Herriott-Watt We basically traded all the way. It was very difficult to stop their all-guys weave but our offence was also pretty slick. Went to sudden death starting on D. We got the turn but a sloppy throw and unfortunate drop gave it straight back and H-W put it in on their second chance. Loss 7-6

Group game v Imperial Not really sure what happened in this game but apparently we won by 2 to go through into an ‘up’ power pool, along with the 3 other midlands teams. WIN 7-5

Power pool game v Plymouth This was one of our best overall performances of the weekend. Zhiling and I-Wen were free on almost every cut so our offence was able to flow very nicely. Our zone shut down Plymouth’s long game nicely. WIN 8-3

Power pool game v Fling So another game against Fling indoors. Having lost to them at mixed regionals we wanted some revenge but it wasn’t to be. It was close most of the way but their poaching tempted us into too many risky throws and Trickey made some excellent grabs to win it for them. Loss 7-5

Crossover v Leeds Overnight we were seed 6 and knew we’d need another big Sunday performance to make it to the top. Our first challenge was a crossover against Leeds. Their girls were very good and they used long throws to them really nicely. Our offence was a bit hit and miss but Madi kept getting D’s to keep us in the game up to sudden death. They got the disc and worked it forwards well. We kept them out of the endzone until Laura got a fantastic block to win us the disc back. A contested line call meant tensions were high but a lovely throw from Kris to Joe secured the narrow win. Game footage is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXny3SlHrc0 WIN 7-6

Quarterfinal v Haze Another midlands match up. I don’t really remember how this game went but I think we were slightly ahead throughout the whole game. They had some good long shots but made a couple more errors than us. WIN 8-6 ?

Semifinal v Fling Of course we had to play Fling again… We tried a different strategy this time, being more active marking the iso and dropping more defenders into the endzone. It worked well for us as we were able to make it really difficult for them to score and force them to take more risky throws. Our offence was ok but it was the D that put us through to the final. WIN 6-3

Final v uBu So a third midlands match in a row. uBu had a very good team and swept aside most of the teams they played over the weekend. We played alright but it was really difficult to turn them over and in the end they were deserving winners. Loss 8-4

Bears came second at UMIN!! A fantastic achievement and better than anything we expected before the weekend. Huge thanks to everyone who came to mixed trainings and especially to Victor and Ken for coming to support us over the weekend.

Samuel Hawkins

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