SIFL Beginners Shakesbears A Captain Report

This tournament was a few weeks so some of the details are a bit hazy. Here’s roughly what happened.
Group game v Coventry: After some struggles against Coventry’s flood we managed to play some nice calm offence. Our D was really strong resulting in a low scoring but comfortable victory over our local rivals. WIN 6-2
Group game v Old Age Pick Ups: These guys were not a beginner teams and supposedly there to help the beginner’s by showing how to play Ultimate. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the roles were in reality the other way round. Everyone was really tight to their man, making the opposition’s long shots fail repeatedly and our O was too fast for them to keep up. WIN 7-5
Group game v Wasps: This team was pretty decent. They were quite physical and had good long shots. Like us they had quite an athletic team which meant getting free was more difficult than the previous games and our O was a bit more panicky as a result. We were one point down with about 20 seconds left… worked the disc forward nicely just past half way… 4 seconds left… put up a high disc to the endzone… down came Zak with a HUGE grab to secure a draw and ensure we topped the group and held 1st seed. DRAW 5-5
There might have been another group game but I don’t remember it. Anyway, we were first seed going into the quarterfinals. We won the 1v8 and 1v4 games to set up an ALL SHAKESBEARS FINAL!!
Final v Shakesbears B: After watching these guys play incredibly well to beat Wasps in the semi we knew it would be a close game. The first few points were roughly traded up to about 4-4 with B’s mixing up some great long shots to JL with solid short passes as well. Gradually our hard running and smooth offence started to tire the opposition and we managed to pull ahead by 2 to win the game. WIN 6-4
The improvement throughout the day was fantastic. Romit and I hardly played in the final and everyone contributed to a really high quality game of Ultimate. Well done to all who went, and thanks to Ed and James for getting the train!

Samuel Hawkins

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