Haze Invitational Captain’s Report

This was a useful warm up tournament for the Outdoor First Team in the run-up to MUOOR. It was very windy, but fortunately not as wet as it might have been.

Group game v Jest Ridisculous: JR won the toss and chose offence, so I naturally picked the downwind end. It was almost a ridisculous decision. Both teams played zone and had different strategies for countering the wind. We tried to keep passes short with lots of player movement, while they went for risky long throws. It worked for JR at the start, getting the first upwind break. We got one back and more or less traded until sudden death with Bears going upwind. It gave us a chance to practise our clutch play and we scored it to win the game! WIN 7-6

Group game v Fling They were missing some big players and had some players ‘trialling’. They struggled to move the disc against our zone and we were able to get some turnovers near the upwind endzone and score a few breaks. Our offence was pretty consistent and we kept increasing the lead until the end. WIN 12-3

Group game v DED DED are a solid A tour team and their quality showed in this game. It was a bit less windy by this point and DED’s experienced handlers worked through our zone very comfortably. We changed to man and kept it a bit closer but didn’t play as well as we can. Loss 8-5

3v4 Game v Haze There was some confusion over the final group placings due to a 3-way tie. In the end we played Haze for third place. They didn’t really turn up to this game and were missing a couple of players. Nonetheless we did play very well and were comfortable winners. WIN 15-0

Overall it was a good day which gave us the chance to practise our zone offence and defence, as well as play against some good quality club teams.

Samuel Hawkins

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