Social Update

Socials for the rest of term are almost all coming together, here is what’s on the way.

Friday Week 6: Joint Social with Coventry Firebirds to Kasbah!

Jointly organised by Robbie and Phil (Cov social sec). Big going out social for those who love clubbing, we will getting buses from campus at 8pm (be at Arts Centre bus stop 7:50pm) to meet up with the Cov guys at Quids Inn for fun and drinks, then later on to Hamza’s second home – by far the best club in Coventry – the mighty Kasbah. Hopefully this will give everyone enough time after indoors to go home and eat (or get food at the duck and start pre-drinking early!). Event here https://www.facebook.com/events/436613316451049/ for more details.

Friday Week 7: All-nighter Social at Warwick Student Cinema

Rosina is taking the lead on this festival of film. Details are already up on a facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/1429913360563578/ so check it out!

Week 8: Curry Social in Leamington

Our esteemed President (Rory) is currently laying the groundwork for this, so keep an eye out for when we fix the date. Another of our traditional eating socials, we descend on one of the many (many) curry houses on Bath Street in Leam and chow down (with a few drinks if you like) and then the brave will soldier on to Kelseys to make a night of it. This is a great way to experience the highs (and lows) of Leamington if you are a fresher, or to come to a convenient (and tasty) social if you live there!

Wednesday Week 9: Circling Social

The return of circling – if you missed it last time, don’t make the same mistake twice! We are doing the real deal this time – circling in the C0pper Rooms with our beloved purple from 7pm. Tickets will sell out in the next couple of weeks so go here http://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/10326/ RIGHT NOW and buy a ‘Circling/Event’ ticket. Also join the facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/570275523026410/ to keep up to date with all the regular banter and announcements.

All of that in addition to the option of coming to Varsity after outdoor training at 4pm every week for food and chat (as well as warmth and shelter once winter starts to hit for real!)

Socials are awesome fun and bring the club together so get involved!

Robbie Tink

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