Experienced Players – Outdoor Regionals is Coming…

Hey everyone,

With open outdoor regionals towards the end of term 2, we will be looking to decide on a first/second team training squad very early in term 2. This means we are already looking out for members’ commitment to group trainings and to personal improvement. We expect experienced players aiming to play at regionals to be going out throwing once a week as an absolute minimum. This is not just to prove your commitment but because you will need a good level of basic skills to make the squad. We have some very talented players who have only started this year and will take your place if you don’t put in the effort to get better.
So for the rest of term we want to see people at Wednesday trainings ready and willing to train hard. Alongside this we want to see everyone putting in the effort to go throwing and do fitness each week. To quote a favourite article of mine “How many days off shooting a basketball do you think Steve Nash takes every year?” Of course we aren’t professional athletes, but we can be the best Ultimate club in our region if we put in the effort.

Andy and I will be running throwing and fitness sessions each week. Please try to make it to as many as you can, so that you can improve and you can help others improve too.

See you all soon,


Samuel Hawkins

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