Beginners!- Outdoor Regionals is Coming…

Hi all,

Sam and I have been extremely impressed with the talent and enthusiasm that this years beginners have brought to the club and I want to talk about your opportunities to improve.

From now on we will be focusing our efforts on preparation for Outdoor Regionals which occurs at the end of term 2.

So that we can all improve individually there will be weekly skills sessions. We will have 3 throwing sessions each week led by me and Sam where you learn to throw with more consistency and versatility. We will also have 2 fitness sessions each week led by me where we will improve our fitness levels and train to become quicker and more explosive during matches. We will also have Weekend sessions where we focus on various areas of the sport.

For those players who demonstrate commitment and improvement we will invite them to the current 1-2pm session that will become our first team training session for Regionals. If you demonstrate a commitment to improving you have a strong chance of making this squad and even the final selected team. We expect potential first team players to attend at least one throwing session, one fitness session each week; and to attend as many Wednesday and Weekend sessions as they can.

If you work harder than any given experienced player you will become better and make the 1st or 2nd team before them at Regionals so I encourage you to have a go and just watch how quickly you improve.

See you all at throwing and fitness sessions this week,


Andrew Hillman

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