Important Player Registration Information

Some tournaments require all competitors to have UK Ultimate membership, for various reasons including insurance. For those who had it last year, UK Ultimate membership will have recently expired. To play University regional tournaments you will need at least ‘Basic Membership’ which only costs £5.00 for the year. To play nationals or tournaments such as Tour you will need ‘Uni/U18 Full Membership’ which is £18.50. You can upgrade from ‘Basic’ to ‘Full’ for £13.50 at any time. Instructions for UK Ultimate membership:

1. Go to and if you haven’t already got one, create an account. This should be straightforward.

2. Purchase the membership type that you want, again this should be straightforward by following the link on the left-hand side. If you’re not sure which membership type you should get just ask me.

3. ‘Roster’ with Warwick Bears: use the website search function to find the Warwick Bears page. Click the button that says something like ‘Request to join’.

This shouldn’t take very long and its really important that all experienced players do it. Without registered players we can’t enter a team at all into some competitions.


Now that’s all done, you’re ready to play some frizzz! If you have any questions feel free to message me or leave a comment on this post.

Samuel Hawkins

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