Bears 1 MUOIR Captain’s Report

At the weekend we took 8 players in the first team to Midlands Indoor Regionals: Me, Andy, Robbie, Victor, Kris, Joe, Frigate, Fritz.
Group game 1: Bears 13 – 0 Loughborough (2)
We played pretty well. Luff 2 weren’t really able to get past our zone or stop the iso throws. They could have scored a couple of times but didn’t quite make it.
Group game 2: Bears 13 – 0 Anglia Ruskin
Similar to the first game. These guys played a flood but we still scored fairly quickly.
Group game 3: Bears 4 – 7 Fling (I think)
We started really well, loads of pressure on D and stuck in the goals to go 3-1 up. Then they played a zone and we struggled to get past it, having to throw shaky long stuff which they kept D’ing. Long point at 3-3 when we kept the disc but couldn’t get through their flood and they ended up scoring it. We got a bit sloppy and they scored the next few to win the game. Our D was really good but we couldn’t score.
So finished the day still in 5th seed knowing we would have to win lots of games on Sunday to work our way back to Div 1.
Crossover 1: Bears 7 – 5 Trent
Tom Barkley was back playing a game with bears. This year for the wrong team unfortunately. He got some typically ridiculous high grabs but we stayed in front throughout the game. Our O was very inconsistent outside the endzone and we should have won this game more comfortably.
5v8 seed hold: Bears 8 – 4 Staffordshire (that score is a guess)
Staffs only had 5 players but 2 of them were excellent receivers and 1 was good enough to throw to them. We traded with them for a few points until their long shots started to not connect and our O was too clinical for them in the second half.
5v6 seed hold: Bears 8 – 6 Oxford
Certainly the best game of the tournament for us. They worked it past our zone really smoothly so after trading the first few points we switched to man d. Our impressive D created lots of turns but they were also putting lots of pressure on our handlers. A really tough long point 5-5 went our way and we stayed ahead to close out the game.
5v4 moving on up: Bears 8 – 5 Leicester (again a score guess)
Another close game at the start. We tried to double mark Medic but he still made grabs to score for Jesters. Our O was pretty clinical and once we started to get more pressure on their throwers we got some turns and pulled out a 3 or 4 point lead in the middle of the game which won it for us.
3v4 Game-to-go-to-division-1-nationals: Bears 3 – 7 Fling (don’t know the actual score)
We went into this game with a different game plan having been beaten by Fling the day before. Sadly didn’t really work for us and again we just couldn’t score and took too many poor options throwing near their deep defender Ben. This time we couldn’t get as many turns and they held on to the disc well enough to win.
So we finished 4th which is a bit disappointing but at least we get to go to division 2 nationals. Well done everyone on the team for putting in max effort all weekend. Thank you to the second and third teams for their support throughout. Special congratulations to the second team for finishing in the top 10 which is a huge achievement.


Samuel Hawkins

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