Throwing Sessions for Experienced Players

‘Throwing’ is a term we use all the time and often encourage people to do it outside of training times. But what actually is it, and what should you do when you ‘go throwing’? There are a number of excellent blogs and articles that have been written by people with far more experience than me, so almost all of this is a collection of ideas taken from elsewhere (do follow the links and read the full articles).

I’d like to encourage everyone who has ambitions of playing on the first team this year to take throwing and fitness seriously from the beginning of term one (on that note make sure you check out Andy’s fitness blog). That means going out to throw with a mate every week. If you leave it longer between sessions you’ll forget the slight adjustments made and go back to the level you were at before. Going throwing doesn’t mean standing still slinging a disc back and forth for half an hour. Think about what you are doing and about all the different types of throw you might use in a game. The best practise will be achieved if you enjoy it, so keep it varied and don’t be afraid to try new things.

So, three key points to keep in mind when practising throws are variety, focus and challenging yourself. Following some of the exercises below should help you concentrate on these three aspects. The ‘Zen Throwing’ Routine is particularly good for encouraging variety and focus, while ‘Kung Fu Throwing’ will test you more and develop your existing throws.

I suggest all returning players try out the three sessions explained below to get an idea of what you enjoy. Then look to build upon these by adding in more exercises into a session or try the higher difficulty options where available. These sessions should certainly take less than an hour and are ideal for doing in those awkward gaps between lectures. So without really losing any time out of the week everyone can massively improve their throws. Starting in week 2 try one session a week, then look at building your own routines with these exercises. Do come and talk to me if you have any questions.


Week 2 – Zen Throwing: Part 1

Do exercise #1 through to exercise #11 inclusive. Remember to take #1 seriously; warming up the body is really important. Even if you won’t be running hard for the whole throwing session, pivoting and throwing properly is still strenuous. Try to add in #19 as well. Balancing up your body feels great and wrong hand throws are wicked!


Week 3 – Zen Throwing: Part 2

Do exercise #1 followed by exercise #12 through to exercise #21. Try to have the routine instructions to hand somehow, and if possible take note of those that work well/you like.


Week 4 – Kung Fu Throwing

This routine is longer and more strenuous so if you are pushed for time then reduce each set of 25 to 15 or 10. This routine is about throwing lots of throws from lots of different positions. Think about what has gone wrong when you turnover and try to correct it.


We will incorporate many of the exercises into our regular training sessions. Please do have a go at creating your own sessions, using the activities that you liked from these three routines. Most importantly, have fun and hopefully these ideas will help you develop into an excellent all-round thrower.

Samuel Hawkins

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